21 Awkward Thoughts You Have While Stuck in an Elevator With Strangers

Taken from Flicker, Gideon Tsang You walk into an elevator and are immediately relieved to see you’re a lone soul in a little magic transportation box. Sadly enough, two random strangers come running in right before the doors close. Another person follows, and two more people follow the last person. And before you know it, you’re stuck holding the door open for random strangers as they half-jog towards you, hoping to desperately find their way to wherever they need to be. You're contemplate drawing the line and hitting the “door close” button, but for some reason, you decide to suck it up and actually "interact" with humans for five seconds.

Here’s a play by play of what you’re probably thinking.

  1. Ugh do I really have to hold the door open for these people?
  2. Do I stare at my phone and pretend they don't exist?
  3. This is literally so awkward.
  4. In the movies there’s always elevator music.
  5. How come there’s no elevator music?
  6. I don’t know what’s worse, elevator music or silence.
  7. Avoid eye contact. Avoid. Eye. Contact.
  8. Don't stare.
  9. What if this thing breaks down?
  10. I wonder if they would eat me if we got trapped.
  11. ...would I eat them?
  12. Can this ride take any longer?
  13. I dare it to take longer.
  14. Maintain composure. Stay strong.
  15. I wonder if they feel as awkward as I do right now.
  16. I think I hooked up with that kid in the corner.
  17. Oh god, I totally did. He's staring.
  18. Do I try and make conversation or stay in my little bubble of personal space?
  19. Sheesh, finally. My floor.
  20. Until we meet again, folks (hopefully never).
  21. Should've taken the stairs.

Moral of the story, refer to number 21. Safe yourself the internal battle and take the stairs. You'll avoid having to interact with humans and you'll get your cardio in or whatever.

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