5 Websites to Enhance Your Sex Life


4_21_Sexplained In college, it seems that few people have the motivation, the urge, or the balls to seek the sex advice that they crave or need. We galavant through the years, often succumbing to the hookup culture, figuring out our blossoming sexuality as we go. But we could all use some help in the sex department. Hell, we could all use some help in the dating department.

It’s unlikely that you’ll want to stop at the Health Center on your way to Marshall Street just to get some much-needed sex advice. And you’re driving your older siblings and roommates crazy with your questions about dating. You are an Internet-savvy young millennial in college — you can solve all of your problems while staring at your beloved LCD screens. We at Jerk have scoured the depths of the Internet and have found some great websites that could become your personal sex and dating advisors... and we’re not talking about Cosmo.

1. Sofeminine “Supercharge your sex life” with Sofeminine’s Love & Sex vertical, where you can find advice ranging from oral sex tips to masturbation to advice on how to get that highly sought-after orgasm. This UK website’s target audience is definitely female, but anyone can learn a thing or two about great sex from its diverse set of articles.

2. Good in Bed With its list of scholarly expert bloggers and a focus on reader concerns, this website will guide you through the questions of others. This site’s blog offers tailored answers to common, yet sometimes embarrassing questions. Maybe you’re bored with your relationship, have wonky boners, or don’t understand your sexuality — they’ve got deep, interesting answers to the sex and relationship questions that you don’t want to ask.

3. Psychology Today: Sex Psychology Today may be best known for focusing on psychological research and issues of the mind, but its website has a great section devoted to every kind of sex advice. Subsections like “The Science of Sexual Attraction” and “Sex and Fantasy” dig into the psychology behind everything to help readers really understand their sex lives. Be prepared to learn exactly why you have a porn obsession or whether or not you’re meant for monogamy.

4. Your Tango Committed to helping readers have the “best sex of their life,” this site offers a modern interface with streamlined content about ways to enhance your struggling sex life. It’s aimed at a twenty-something audience and uses a smart yet playful voice that makes it as fun to read as a BuzzFeed post. It will help you find happiness through empowering your sexuality. Any college student could benefit from its punchy articles.

5. Cupid Blogger This website dedicates all of its content to the enhancement of its readers dating lives. Whether you’re in a relationship, looking for a hookup, or having a hard time finding a date, this site will have a post curated for you. It’s meant for the millennial dater, so it includes helpful advice on online dating, playing hard-to-get, and dealing with long distance relationships. It’s perfect for those seeking advice in college’s rough dating landscape.

Art by Shawna Rabbas