8 Places to Explore Off the SU Campus


green lakes_main Although simply basking in the Quad and hitting every darty on Comstock can be a great way to spend a weekend, it can get a little old. If you've had enough of campus spring time activities, check out this list for some places to enjoy the sun without running into every person you've met since freshman year.

1. Oakwood Cemetery Although it’s pretty much right on campus, and a cemetery might not seem like the best place to spend a day, Oakwood is surprisingly beautiful and peaceful on a sunny day. It’s a great place to go for a walk during the day, and you can even find some nice spots to catch those lovely Syracuse sunsets.

2. Drumlins Country Club The Drumlins golf course is right around the corner from the SU campus. Students can enjoy free golf just by showing their SUID. Even if you’re not much of a golfer, spending an afternoon teeing off could be a great stress reliever and chance to whip out your lime green Bermuda shorts.

3. Rosamond Gifford Zoo The Syracuse zoo is nothing to write home about, but they do have everyone’s favorite zoo animals. Why stay locked up in your dorm or the library when you could take a trip to the zoo and check out the lions, elephants, and penguins?

4. Onondaga Lake It was the most polluted lake in America for quite some time, but the city has made a significant effort to clean up Onondaga Lake. There are a ton of great trails around the water you can explore and you can also enjoy activities like beach volleyball and wiffleball in the surrounding park areas.

5. Syracuse Chiefs game No sport is associated with warm weather as much as baseball. The Chiefs are Syracuse’s local Triple-A minor league baseball team, so show some city pride and check out NBT Bank Stadium on Thursdays for $5 tickets and $1 hot dogs and beer. You’ll definitely see some of your classmates there.

6. Green Lakes State Park This is definitely the best place to go in Syracuse to enjoy the warm weather. The water is absolutely beautiful and you won’t be paranoid to go in it, unlike the water at Onondaga. The trails here are even better here, and the large park spaces are great for wiffleball.

7. Skaneateles Lake Skaneateles is a bit of a drive away, but if you can make it out there, it’s definitely worth it. It’s the closest of upstate New York’s famous fingerlakes, and possibly the most beautiful. There are a ton of great places to eat in the Skaneateles area, including some great brunch and dinner spots. You can also enjoy dope activities like going for a swim or a canoe ride across the lake.

8. Ithaca Gorges This is also a bit of a far drive away, but definitely worth it. The Gorges are absolutely gorgeous, pun intended. This is one of the most scenic places to spend a day in upstate New York. It’s a great place to enjoy with a significant other, or a group of friends. Even if you don’t have a car, try to find a friend who does have one so you can visit the Gorges before the end of the semester.