6 Good Ol' Fashion Hallow's Eve Pranks


10_27_RealTalk Every weekend in college is basically Halloween. Our party outfits consist mostly of oversized sheets that we claim are “togas" and bras that look like Claire’s threw up all over our bosums. So I can see how, at first glance, it may be tempting to rag on Halloween. With that being said, let’s not forget that October isn’t just prime “dress like either a hooker or Cinderella” time — that’s right, it’s also time to fuck with your friends with some good ol’ fashion Hallow's Eve pranks. Ponder these options:

1. Cover yourself in ketchup and lay limp on the floor of your room. Side note: you may want to bring a snack if you have shitty friends who never come over to hang out with you and don’t care if you’re alive. French fries are recommended (you already have the ketchup).

2. Stand by your roommates light switch with a knife while they sleep and wait for them to turn the lights on. Wait for the reaction. You may want to stick to a butter knife if you’re uncoordinated, as no one likes a dead roommate. On the other hand, I heard a rumor that apparently if your roommate dies, you automatically get straight A’s for the semester. So I guess that’s something to think about...

3. Have Hocus Pocus on the TV at all times. Might not be much of a “prank,” but it sure is a good way to torture someone.

4. Text your mom saying, “There’s been an accident.” Nothing else should or needs to be said. Keep in mind that she is going to call 911 after not hearing from you within 47 minutes of receiving the text, and you will have to tell her you’re fucking with her eventually. There’s a very fine line between a funny joke or prank, and giving someone you love a heart attack. Find the line and respect the line.

5. Wear a Christmas sweater to all your classes and confuse the shit out of a whole lot of people.

6. Buy ten bags of a candy you don’t like and cover your apartment with bowls of it. There’s no better prank than getting your roommates fat, right?

Hope this read was a real treat for you. Get it? Because it’s Halloween and one of the many Halloween traditions is “trick or treating,” an act that involves walking to several houses and asking strangers for candy. Hope I made things clear.