6 Reasons To Be Thankful You Are Single


By Laura Cohen

Thanksgiving brought out a time to reflect on what we have and are grateful for. This included even the simplest aspects of our lives, such as being single. Whether or not you’re “ridin’ solo” by choice, take this time to look back on the privileges you have that those with a label do not. Read on to understand exactly why you’re rocking the best relationship status.

You don’t need to “check in” with anyone. Being in a relationship is like having a GPS surgically attached to you. Your significant other demands to know where you are at all times. Single folks don’t need to constantly clutch their cell phones in their palms, awaiting a vibration at 2-minute intervals, constantly making eye contact with the screen, rather than friends. Slip the phone into your pocket and enjoy the party.

You can flirt shamelessly. Flirting goes a long way in the art of getting what you want. Whether it’s to work yourself into a party, a free drink, or a classmate’s notes, single people can do so without restraint. Feel free to bat your eyelashes or show off those hard-earned muscles, guilt-free.

You can do what you want, when you want. Have you ever told a boyfriend or girlfriend some idea or plan of yours and have them chuckle and critically respond with, “Really?” Do what you want without seeking permission and receiving judgment from anyone.

You don’t have constant paranoia. No need for, “Is this dress slutty?” or “Am I allowed to text other guys?” You won’t be looking over your shoulder to make sure your possessive girlfriend doesn’t see you walking to class with a friend. Without the paranoia of wondering how your actions may appear, you can relax and just live.

You don’t have to buy holiday gifts. Oh, those commercial holidays. Save the money you would spend on an overpriced Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or birthday gift for a significant other and buy yourself something nice.

Single people won’t “let ourselves go.” Often times people in relationships grow so comfortable with one another that they no longer feel the need to present themselves as kindly to the world. That brings less gym, protein, and dresses, and more couch, cake, and sweatpants. The single crowd, however, knows a potential hook-up could be passing by at any moment and will always look their best.

Just like Jason DeRulo, bet you “never knew single could feel this good,” huh?