11 Celebrities You Must Follow on Snapchat


Print Snapchat isn’t just reserved for duck-face selfies to your friends anymore. Celebrities have made the move to Snapchat — and they’re sharing their profiles with the public. Now, you can get an inside glimpse at the stars’ lives via their Snapchat My Story. Here’s some celebs you should add on Snapchat… ASAP.

1. Kylie Jenner – kylizzlemynizzl Kylie Jenner may be the least ambitious out of the entire Kardashian Klan, but she does spend a good amount of time on Snapchat. Follow her to see her latest hair color change (it was bright blue for Coachella), driving selfie videos in Calabasas (that’s not safe, Kylie…), and pics of her miniature Italian Greyhound puppy. Get ready to feel inspired.

2. Cody Simpson – aussiemuso Cody Simpson is also known as the blonde-haired Australian pop heartthrob. Unfortunately for him, his Snapchat came under fire after he posted some Snaps showing his girlfriend doing drugs. But on the bright side, you can still enjoy his blonde flow selfies by following him.

3. Kevin Jonas – kevinjonasii Nick Jonas is making a pretty big comeback, but it’s left a lot of us wondering — where the hell is Kevin? The oldest Jonas Brother is married and has a daughter, so instead of seeing him backstage at a JoBro concert, expect to see him chilling at home and holding his baby. Not as exciting, but still cute.

4. Ryan Seacrest – ryanseacrest Ryan Seacrest might actually be one of the most interesting celebrities to add on Snapchat. With his access to all the hottest events in Hollywood, you will see everyone from Taylor Swift to Jennifer Lopez in his Snap selfies.

5. Josh Peck – joshuapeck You probably remember Josh Peck as being the “fat and funny guy” on Nickelodeon classics The Amanda Show and Drake and Josh. Well, he’s no longer fat, but his knack for being funny hasn’t disappeared. His snap videos are hilariously funny and random — a must see on Snapchat.

6. Arnold Schwarzenegger – arnoldschnitzel Yes, the former “governator” is on Snapchat. And yes, his Snap username contains the word “schnitzel” in it. Schwarzenegger’s Snapchat stories will remind you of something your dad would send.

7. Shay Mitchell – officialshaym Shay Mitchell, known as Emily on the never-ending series, Pretty Little Liars, is pretty active on Snapchat. She posts a mix of cute selfies and behind-the-scenes videos on the set of PLL. Maybe she will reveal hints about who “A” is?!

8. Hailee Steinfeld – haiz Starring in the upcoming Pitch Perfect 2, Hailee Steinfeld posts secret behind the scenes snaps on the set of her upcoming projects. And like other teens on Snapchat, she posts an abundance of selfies. Who can blame the girl?

9. Luke Bryan – lukebryansnaps Now you can not only listen to Luke Bryan’s sweet country songs, but you can also see his beautiful face on Snapchat all you’d like. He even once held a Snapchat scavenger hunt for fans to find a hidden swag cooler in Panama City Beach.

10. Keegan Allen – lifelovebeautyb Another PLL celeb, Keegan Allen, is also active on Snapchat. Keegan loves to connect with his fans on multiple social media platforms, so it comes as no surprise that he’s embraced Snapchat. But he uses Snapchat to not just post snaps behind the scenes at PLL — he actually has a hidden talent as a photographer and uses Snapchat to show off his skills.

11. Jared Leto – jaredleto If you’re looking to see the most detailed and intricate Snapchat art, look no further than Thirty Seconds to Mars’ Jared Leto. His My Story selfie drawings will leave you wondering how long he spends working on his colorful Snaps.

Art by Shawna Rabbas