A Handy Guide to Exploring New Sexual Territory


Print Sexual adventure can be one of the most thrilling parts of life, but also the most intimidating. If you’re a college student, you’re probably still figuring out what you like in the bedroom. The basics come easy, but you’re still blossoming into the fierce sexual being you’re meant to become. Like most people, you’re probably very impulsive when it comes to sex — thinking things through when you’re crotch-to-crotch is probably not your move. That’s why Jerk is here to help.

For the sexually spontaneous, we’ve thought things through for you. Here are the pros and cons of some of the most common, yet largely unexplored by the young college student, sex activities. Next time you’re faced with a roomful of pheromones and you’re not thinking straight, at least this will give you a better idea of whether or not you should dive ass-first into brand-new territory.

1. Anal: You’re considering entering their back door, or leaving yours wide open.

Pros: Anal sex can be extremely pleasurable. The penis will greatly enjoy its new surrounding because the rectum is a very, very tight entrance. The environment — one that is not naturally meant to be penetrated — creates a vacuum-like sensation for the male giver to go crazy over. The receiver may also have an out-of-this-world orgasm that he or she has never before experienced.

Cons: Anal sex can be extremely painful. As mentioned, the asshole is not naturally meant to be penetrated. This means that it will require some serious care if you plan to enter that hole. Otherwise, searing pain. The shock itself is unreal, and if not handled well it could be pure torture. Lube up and remain relaxed, or else this will be your regrettable first and definite last time going down this back road. Also, be mindful of the fact that feces could end up being a mortifying problem. Again: assholes are not meant to be plunged.

2. Food play: You hope to become a delectably edible treat for the night.

Pros: Bringing food into the equation can be so delicious. If you’ve got the right foods, and you’ve prepped the area to reduce messes, you can have a very fun and wild night with your partner. Having never-ending excuses to put your tongue everywhere is pure pro. And if you and your partner have agreed on the food choices, you’ll both love the sensuality of licking each other clean.

Cons: Well, it’s messy and food is truly not meant to be all over you. If you don’t do things right you can end up with a bed full of stains and a vagina full of Nutella. When you bring food into your intimate spaces, you put you and your partner at risk for possible infections, skin irritations, and the unfortunate potential for clumpy pubes. Keep the food action above the waist and target your favorite non-genital erogenous zones. Your privates will thank you later when they are not all red and itchy from too close of contact with strawberry jelly.

3. Role play: You enjoy the idea of you and your partner becoming new people.

Pros: If you love dressing up and you have a closet full of neglected Halloween costumes, you may love some role play action. Bringing a theatrical touch to your sex life may be a true thrill in itself. Becoming someone new and embodying that character with your partner could make your night feel like a fantasy.

Cons: If you or your partner are not theatrical types, then this could just get awkward. If you’re attempting to take on a character that is much different from you, you have to commit. If not, you’re definitely putting out the sexual fire in the room, rendering your entire plan to role-play a fail. If you’d like to dress up, but don’t want to play pretend, you may just want to stick with the costumes. Don’t attempt what you can’t pull off when it comes to sex — you will be asking for an embarrassing night.

4. Threesome: You’d like to invite some friends into the mix.

Pros: This could get interesting. If you’re someone who identifies as straight but has fantasized about doing sexy things with a same-sex friend, you may be just the right candidate for a ménage à trois. Inviting someone new into the bedroom with your partner is thrilling to say the least. It allows for so many new options to try out — three mouths, six hands, multiple genitalia. You’re in for a really wild ride if it’s a threesome kind of night.

Cons: There are so, so many implications to consider. Firstly, what is the relationship like between you and your main partner? If it’s casual, it’s less likely that you’ll have any problems with sharing your bed. If it’s just getting serious, this is a very sensitive point in time in your relationship and you both may be subject to the very human emotion, jealousy. You also must consider your relationship with this new person you’re bringing in. Will it matter to you if things become awkward with this person? These are only a few of the highly sensitive matters to consider before going the retro orgy route.

5. Vibrating sex toys: You are extremely curious about welcoming a thrilling new sensation.

Pros: Sex toys bring in so many pleasurable alternatives to your basic sex session that it is almost difficult to find the cons. Vibrating dildos, cock rings, remote-controlled sex gadgets, etc. are a few of some of the great, pulsating options out there. If you use one of these for foreplay, you may just be in for the best sex of your life and a night of multiple orgasms. The stimulation itself is highly satisfying for both sexes, and it adds an entire new sense of thrill when the vibrating power rests in the hands of your partner.

Cons: As with any sexual adventure, it is imperative that you and your partner are both on the same page when trying new things. Not everyone loves being pushed over the edge orgasmically with the help of a battery-powered object. If your partner isn’t as into it as you are, your actions could quickly become a huge turnoff. On the other hand, if you or your partner are way into it and there isn’t an even give-and-take between you, using sex toys could soon become frustratingly one-sided. Be sure that you’ve discussed a little about what you both like and have fun with it! Your sex life is not meant to be confined to missionary and rhythmic thrusts. There is so much ecstasy to be had out in the sex world — feel it all.

Art by Shawna Rabbas