Are Kendrick Lamar and J Cole Teaming Up for Real This Time?

Photo Courtesy of While Kendrick Lamar was crowned the King of Rap 2015, J Cole has remained relatively quiet. With that said, they're both coming off hot albums and are at the top of their games. The two rappers and close friends have teased us about a joint album for a couple years now, but they haven’t said much about it recently.

Cole has not released very much since his last album Forest Hills Drive 2014, but that changed when he completed a remix for A Tribe Called Quest’s famed song, “Can I Kick It”— and J. Cole, yes you can! The remix is absolute fire and should be added to your pre game playlist ASAP.


Over Thanksgiving break (while we were all eating turkey and shopping on Black Friday), Kendrick Lamar and J Cole were cooking up some new music to get you thinking and grooving. For Black Friday both rap artists remixed the other’s songs from their most recent albums.

This song solidifies J Cole as not only one of the best rappers in the game, but also one of the best producers around. He has produced his last two albums by himself, refusing the help of outside sources.

J Cole remixed Kendrick’s “Alright” and oh-my is it amazing. His word play on the track is next level. He starts the song off with a simple rhyme scheme, almost toying with the listener by stating facts and fables all connected by the same word at the end. Next, he moves on to some more serious wordplay and the remix starts to turn up. He left me with my jaw to the floor when he completely went in, so don’t let the start of the song deter you.


Kendrick then remixed Cole’s “A Tale of Two Citiez” and went undeniably crazy. His nearly four minute long verse was impeccable. He raps about Donald Trump, what it is like living as an African-American in society, fame, cash, girls and even Kanye West’s 2020 presidential candidacy.


Have the two spent time in the studio together or was this more of a playful release for the fans? I think this time there is a little more behind these releases. At the end of J Cole’s remix he says “When you and K Dot shit dropping? Bitch never, they can’t handle two black n***** this clever, but this February, bet shit scary when I fuck around and drop…. DIAL TONE”

Does that mean that there is a collaboration album on the way? I believe so. Here are a couple predictions I have about the up-coming album:

  • First, it will be entirely produced by J Cole and Kendrick, with only guest producers of the highest quality like Dr. Dre or George Clinton pitching in to help.
  • Second, no guest appearances! Sorry TDE crew and J Cole’s Dreamville records team, but this is Cole and Kendrick’s time to shine.
  • Third, the album will be dropped with no warning. Now I know Cole said February in his lyrics but being predictable does not define Kendrick and Cole.
  • Lastly, it will be the best album to hit rap music in years. The duo can top such legendary duo’s as Black Star and ‘Ye and Jay-Z, if they deliver.
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