We asked SU students, what was it like losing your virginity?

Photo by Adham Elsharkawy There comes a point in all of our lives to swipe our v-card; no refunds, no exchanges. The idea that virginity is equal to your moral purity is flaming garbage talk. For most people the “first time” marks a moment of awkwardness and awakening. So what is the deal? What do your favorite co-eds think when they fondly look back at their deflowering?

*PSA: Names not included to protect the fabulous.

How old are you right now?

Person A- “20”

Person B- “20”

Person C- “19”

Virginity is weird. Sex is weird. There’s not really an age limit to when you can lose it—unless you’re 40. In that case, funny hairy men will probably make a movie about you.

At what age did you lose your virginity?

Person A- “18”

Person B- “19”

Person C – “18”

Ever since I’ve understood the concept of virginity and sex, I had always imagined that basically everyone lost it when they turned 16. Imagine my surprise when I turned 16 and no one was rushing to sensually sweep me off my feet.

Who did you lose it to?

Person A- “A boy I met at college orientation and kept in touch with over the summer. [I lost it on] the second night of my freshman year of college.”

Person B- “A boy in SigEp that I hadn’t talked to before that night and haven’t since.”

Person C- “I don't know what to really call him. I liked him, he liked me—it was a thing.”

A lot of movies play up the person you lose your virginity to, to be this varsity-baseball-valedictorian-Abercrombie-model type. In reality, it was probably just some dude from your math recitation after the two of you drank some Franzia blush and watched It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia while your roommate was out for the night.

Funniest part about the entire scenario?

Person A- “It was the second night of college. I was and still am a mess.”

Person B- “Despite the fact that it was an awkward, drunken hook-up in a freshman dorm room, I did partake in the cliché of losing my virginity on Valentine’s Day. Blessed.”

Person C- “I had to get stitches that morning near my eye, and continued to go through with the whole first time having sex thing because I’m aggressive. I was nervous I was going to somehow rip a stitch in the midst of all this #frankensex so I asked my dermatologist if he thought it would be an issue. He looked at me weirdly and proceeded to tell me it would probably be fine. I committed to never sharing aspects of my sex life with my skin care professionals again.”

Having sex for the first time is bound to be awkward. It is important to not take things too seriously. Like if you didn’t realize that his dog was in the room the entire time, it is #nbd.

What do you wish you knew before all this penetration went down?

Person A-I think I wish someone had told me how little fun I would most likely have—like 18-year-old boys aren't good at this shit.”

Person B- “Whiskey dick is a very real thing. Don't think that you're not pretty or doing a bad job if he takes forever to cum or doesn’t cum at all.”

Person C- “I think I thought that I would feel like my world was completely changed by having sex. Afterwards I think I went home and watched Netflix or something. Nothing was different about me or my world.”

Losing your virginity is built up to be this pinnacle of the human experience, but this is simply not the case. Sex, like fine wine, just gets better with time. Sex with fine wine? Even better.