Skype Sex: Long Distance’s Secret Weapon



By: Pocahotass

Being in a long distance relationship for two years and constantly traveling back and forth between Syracuse and my hometown of Salt Lake City, I’ve found struggles in keeping the sexual tension alive. My relationship for four months of the year is full of sexting, teasing, and the occasional “dick pic.” As great as receiving penis photos twice a day may sound, it never really gets the job done. The job wasn’t getting done until a friend of mine told me of her long-distance love saver: Skype sex!

No longer do you have to take 60 selfies pushing your boobs up, or angling a dick pic to make your junk look better. Instead, you can transform those three-hour Skype sessions of complaining about how your internship sucked, into a personal porno without the cheesy 70’s music— thank God.

As odd as it sounds to masturbate in front of a camera while your lover–or booty call–watches, it’s surprisingly refreshing. Over burgers on a frat roof, I asked the afore-mentioned friend about her Skype sex life with her guy . “It’s healthy— it makes me miss him more. We actually have a physical connection again even though we’re far,” she explained, “but to start off it’s an awkward situation.”

With any novel sexual act, there will always be some awkwardness. I mean, unless you’re a Chatroulette “masturbator", pointing a camera toward your junk can make you feel pretty vulnerable. There is, however, a thrill that comes with Skype sex, one that will make you question why you spent years sending nudes like a horny jock in high school. The first step to Skype sex is getting over the fear of the camera.

It brings a new spice to your long distance relationship, and let’s be real here, there isn’t anything hotter than seeing your lover play with themselves by watching you. Confidence booster much?

So if you are nervous about going full monty in front of the camera like a cheap porn star, dive in— you might surprise yourself and your partner... literally.

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