Forth Wanderers to Headline WERW Spring Launch Party


Courtesy of Forth Wanderers WERW Radio will be hosting their Spring Launch Party on the 17th of February, in the Schine Underground with *drumroll please* Forth Wanderers and the opener Overcoats. This is bound to be a very indie affair, very fitting for WERW. Forth Wanderers are fresh, funky, and there are some things you need to know, hunties.

Forth Wanderers love NJ

Ugh, I mean who doesn’t! Forth Wanderers hail from Montclair, NJ and they’re proud of it baby. Their style has been described as “suburban slack rock” by NPR, their mellow sound is grungy, crunchy, with the perfect touch of angst. You feel like you’re sneaking out of your parents’ basement to go make out with some kid named Sam all over again.

They’re Not Super Into Social Media

Forth Wanderers are following exactly 11 people on Twitter. And they’ve written exactly 11 tweets. Hey, sometimes less is more. This just means they’re spending more time getting ready to rock us off our feet on the 17th.

They Come from Poké Beginnings

Syracuse University's very own junior, Caroline Friedman, actually dated (!!!) the bassist, Noah Schiffrin, in middle school, so we obviously got the real scoop. Friedman says, “They’ve all been passionate about music since middle and high school. Noah and Duke were even in a band called the Pokémen, and they were great for being ninth graders. I'm pretty sure they won the battle of the bands our freshmen year.”

What’s In a Name?

Forth Wanderers were recently featured in The New Yorker (gasp) where it was revealed that their name was inspired by a Scottish football club of the same name.

They’re Getting Major Shout Outs

In 2014, the Lorde gave paid them homage on Twitter. Incredible.

They’re Hometown Still Loves Them

True to their roots, Montclair is just as excited for them. Friedman adds, “They have a pretty strong hometown following. All of Montclair was freaking out after Lorde gave them a shoutout. They're making awesome music and doing some pretty amazing things!” Aw! We’re freaking out for them too!

If you were luckily enough to attend WERW's Fall 2016 Launch Party with High Waisted and PWR BTTM, you already know this a show with some of the best rising talent. Catch Forth Wanderers on the 17th in Schine Underground. Tickets are on sale at the Schine box office now!