A Guide to the Perfect Condom Size


condom guide

You’ve just got back from a night out and snagged the hottest guy at Harry’s. He takes you back to his room and things are heating up. Just as it’s getting good, you ask “hey do you have a condom?” Cue the excuses: “I can’t feel anything with a condom on,” or “my dick is just too MASSIVE for condoms,” or “my dick is too thin for most condoms.” 

Unfortunately, most of the issues people have with condoms come down to fit, and if you don’t know the facts, it’s easy to believe these phony excuses. If the condom is too loose, it’s hard to feel much sensation, and if it’s too tight, it can just be painful or uncomfortable. To help fix this, Jerk has gathered sizing information on some of the most popular condoms around for your protective convenience:

Snug Fit

If he’s long and thin, the Lifestyles Snugger Fit condom is made for him. At seven inches long and just under two inches wide, the Lifestyles Snugger Fit condom is made to fit smaller, narrower shapes. If pleasure is important and you’re looking for something with thinner latex and a little less length, try Glyde SlimFit. These are just under seven inches long, so they’re a little shorter and ever-so-slightly wider than the Lifestyles option. 

Medium Fit

Most standard condoms are about 7.5 inches long, and a little over 2 inches wide, often with some extra room for the head. Some favorites in this category are the Durex Extra Sensitives, Lifestyles Skyns (which also happen to be odorless), and Trojan Ultra Thins. A lot these are available around campus, too. Ladies, these are a safe bet if you want to keep some condoms handy at your place.

Large Fit

Trojan MAGNUM condoms are a little over 8 inches long, and 2.13 inches wide. If you still need some extra room, try the Durex XXLs, which are about 8.5 inches long about 2.25 inches wide. But just remember, showing off a gold wrapper won’t do you any good if the package can’t fill it.

If you really want to get fancy with your condoms, you can also try out MyONE, a website that walks you through how to measure your penis, and then recommends one of its 60 different sizes. All in all, don’t sacrifice pleasure for safe sex, or safe sex for pleasure.