Here are the Best Dating Spots in Syracuse, On and Off Campus

3.PlacesforaDate An invitation to “Nexflix and chill” is not a date. If you find yourself so lucky to be asked out on a real “date,” where are you supposed to go in this frozen little bubble we call home?

Let's review your options:

1. Faculty

Faculty, also known as the home of sorority girls and caprese paninis, is great place for a milkshake and cheesy breadsticks, but not the place to take someone serious. It is more of a casual “hey, I have 40 minutes to kill before class and the food at Ernie gives me the shits, wanna go to faculty?” Doesn’t exactly scream romance.

Let's talk price: You can use your SUperfood points here—it’s not costing you any real money.

Here's the deal: Faculty is a get to know you spot or a place to go with friends, not the place to pop the big question—will you be my formal date? Going somewhere where you pay using SUperfood (i.e. Monopoly Money) and calling it a date is like saying you just proposed to your fiancé and the engagement ring is a RingPop. Not real, but tasty.

2. Chipotle

Chipotle is hella tasty and almost everyone is obsessed with it, therefore it's certainly a great first date spot if you're trying to keep things low-key. It’s open atmosphere invites a casual stream of people coming and going. Someone you know is bound to walk through the door and break up the awkward “so, where are you from again" conversation.

Let's talk price: The burritos are roughly $7. The entire meal for two will set one person back twenty bucks with drinks and sides included—a cheap, but perfectly acceptable date.

Here's the deal: Chipotle is a respectable first date spot that definitely leaves room for things to progress between the two of you. It is low pressure and casual, so if it “doesn’t work out” and their name pops up in conversation you’ll always be able to say, “yeah, I’ve gotten Chipotle with him once.” Even if the date sucks, you're bound to get a burrito out of it (everyone wins).

3. Funk n’ Waffles

Who doesn’t love breakfast for dinner? Funk n’ Waffles offers a hip, groovin’ vibe that will make you seem much cooler than you actually are—perfect to trick your date into liking you. This is a prime spot for a second date. You’ve already gotten to know each other a little so you feel more comfortable ordering the monstrous Chicken and Waffles without being judged. You can talk about your favorite weird indie music and listen to a live band play, all while waffles remain involved.

Let's talk price: Relatively cheap and there is always the option to get a half waffle instead of a whole if you’re not as hungry or strapped for cash.

Here's the deal: Funk n’ Waffles gives you the chance to do something off the beaten path (and show off your taste in waffles). It can get loud, so it may not be the best place to venture if you're looking for some in-depth conversation. With that said, this venue gives you the opportunity to leave your date thinking “wow, this person likes weird banjo music and chocolate waffles? I want to know more.” There is definitely a possibility for more romance. Plus, it's located right beneath Chuck’s so if the date goes well you can always let it linger by getting hammered together. Ah, young love.

4. Pastabilities

This is the best place in the world (or Armory Square). This house of carbs is the most intimate option around and is more suitable for a real, serious date. The combination of dim lighting and the spicy tomato oil could make me do some crazy things—the perfect storm. This something you want to save for someone you’re really into.

Let's talk price: A little more pricey. You’re in Armory now, so you're bound to spend more than you would at restaurants on campus. Taking a date here shows that you’re really interested and willing to shell out $15 for some pasta and bread.

Here's the deal: The Pastabilites are endless. This place is DTR material. You’ve stepped off campus with this person, you’re not wearing your sweats, you’re paying a little more for the experience. You’re obviously really into this person. This leaves room for you to get more serious with this special someone.

Once someone shares their penne vodka with you, you know it's real.