Why Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield's Breakup Crushed Hearts Around The Country


https://instagram.com/p/9W9Q91GwCK The drought in California must really be straining Hollywood couples, because we’ve lost another good one. Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are over and this time it’s apparently for good.

Rumors stared months ago that the couple was taking a break to focus on their careers. Not long after the reports were released, the nation sighed with relief when the couple was spotted spending time together again. We pray there may be hope for the two used-to-be love birds, but sources say it's officially a done deal.

From the first time we saw them interact onscreen as Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy in The Amazing Spider-Man, we could tell these two had a natural chemistry. What we didn’t know was that their onscreen relationship was beginning offset. Who knew that three years later, they would be considered one of the “it” couples in Hollywood. From the way Andrew described Emma as, “like diving into a thrilling, twisting river and never holding on to the sides” or Emma's uncanny ability to make fun of Andrew in interviews (in the best way possible), the couple came off as Hollywood's most relatable pair. Not just a Hollywood couple that goes to award shows together, but the typical couple that goes grocery shopping together on weekends, too.

We have to admire how well these two kept their relationship under wraps for three years. We rarely saw them and basically knew nothing about what took place in their relationship (partly because they both are anti-social media). Social media is a recipe for splitting up couples. You show too much of your relationship and suddenly it becomes everyone’s business when you two decide to break up.

Since social media didn’t end this relationship, we're guessing the culprit was their overwhelming careers. Having to be in a different time zone than your partner doesn’t exactly make it easy to communicate. Most long distance relationships in college don’t work out, so it is not much of a surprise when celebrities blame distance as a catalyst for their relationship ending.

Still, these two were such likable people that it felt like we were all rooting for them to stand the infamous Hollywood curse of onscreen couple break ups. They starred in great work, were adorable in interviews, and seemed to actually care about their fans. While their breakup wasn’t as devastating as the end of their relationship in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (still trying to forget that it happened), it's certainly a heavy blow to our hearts.

You may argue this is simply another celebrity couple that couldn’t make it work for whatever reason. And sure, we may not know these two personally and their split probably won't disrupt society, but we can’t help but feel a little bit sad.

It sounds corny, but these two made us feel like love in Hollywood was possible. Actually they made love in general feel like something attainable. Maybe one day some of us would find our better half, someone British and awkward like Andrew or funny with a hypnotizing raspy voice like Emma. Regardless of whether they’re over or not, we can still hope that they will resurrect themselves from the Hollywood couples' grave, and one day prove that love is (still) in fact real.

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