How to Handle Seeing Your Ex Over Thanksgiving Break

Photo by Adham Sharkawy You broke up when you went up to school, but everything was okay because he was four hours away (without traffic). Both of you were doing your own thing—going out, being single, living large. But as you shut out the memories of your past relationship, you suddenly realized that November was coming to an end... and the end of November means Thanksgiving, and Thanksgiving means a break from school, and a break from school means a reunion with your high school friends. Long story short, it's time to see your ex.

No need to fret. Your reunion is inevitable and you can’t avoid him forever. However, before your palms sweat (and your heart rate increases and you feel like you’re going to vomit), take a step back and assess the situation. There are many things you can gain from seeing your ex.

1. Closure

Breaking up via a phone call, a text message, or Facetime can make you feel like there are still loose ends between you two. Maybe you guys need to see each other face-to-face and discuss where things went wrong. Maybe you need to meet up with him to realize that you deserve better. Seeing your ex does not have to lead to a waterfall of tears. It can leave you feeling content with the way things are and feel ready to fully move on.

2. Revenge

Maybe he was an ass, who broke up with you so he could hook up with random girls. If this is the case, you need to show him that he made a mistake. I’m not suggesting you devise some freakish plan involving your three best friends, his next door neighbor, and the stray cat on the street. That would be too much. All I’m saying is on Thanksgiving Eve (the night everyone goes out and rekindles friendships from a year ago), it wouldn’t be a bad idea to make him a little jealous. Dress to impress and flirt with the hottest guy at the party. Don't worry, he'll be watching.

3. Rekindling

If you guys broke up because long distance was too hard, you'll finally get confirmation that you made the right decision. If you’re feeling bold, ask to meet for coffee. Nothing brings people together like Starbucks. As long as you won't be dumping coffee on one another or storming out of the place, clearing the air with your ex is the healthiest decision, (and it'll definitely make your Christmas break more exciting if all goes well).

As you drive home and scenarios run through your head about how this break will pan out, don’t worry. It’s a win, win, win. Either you’ll be content where things are, make him jealous, or perhaps get back together. So relax and enjoy your break, you’ve earned it.