Jerk's March Madness Championship Drinking Game


Print Tonight’s the night we’ve all been waiting for — Syracuse might not be in the March Madness championship game, but that doesn’t mean tonight’s game isn’t the perfect excuse to drink to your heart’s content. Forget about your homework, forget about your 8 a.m. class tomorrow morning. Grab your friends and grab your booze — this drinking game will give you a night you may (or may not) remember.

Things you’ll need: - Beer - Liquor - Cups and shot glasses - Big flat screen TV (or just live-streaming to your laptop) - Friends (or drink alone, your choice)


1. When a player makes a three-pointer, take a sip.

2. If the underdog team takes the lead, finish your drink.

3. When there’s a turnover, take a shot.

4. Every time you see a coach screaming so hard his veins are showing, take two sips of your drink.

5. When a player makes a free throw, take a sip.

6. When you see a fan in the arena with his or her face painted, take a shot.

7. Finish your drink when a player makes a slam-dunk.

8. When a player shoots an air ball, yell “AIR BALLLL” and take a shot.

9. Anytime an announcer mentions an upset (past or current), take two sips.

10. Take a sip anytime they show an aerial shot of the city the game is in.

11. When a mascot is shown, take a sip.

12. Take two sips when a player’s mom is shown in the stands.

13. Take a sip every time a Buffalo Wild Wings commercial is played.

14. Take a shot every time you remember how depressed you are that Syracuse was banned from the tournament.

15. Take a swig every time an announcer says, “Let the Madness continue.”

16. Chug every time there’s a buzzer beater.

17. Take a sip every time you see a giant cardboard head cutout in the student section.

18. Every time there is a close-up of a team’s cheerleader, take a nice big swig.

19. Every time they mention a player going to the NBA, take a shot.

20. If the game goes into overtime, take a shot.

21. If the end of the game isn’t a nail-biter, take a shot.

22. If the team you’re rooting for wins, finish your drink.

23. If the team you’re rooting for loses, take a shot.

Art by Shawna Rabbas