What Your Freaky Sex Dreams Are Trying to Tell You


Print Have you ever experienced #thatawkwardmoment when your own moans of pleasure wake you up at 4 a.m. halting your dream about having passionate sex with Justin Bieber? Or that mortifying moment when you are woken up by your roommate because you’re fully erect, sleep-talking his girlfriend’s name between mutters of the phrase “Oh, baby?” You’ve surely had your own versions of embarrassing, odd, or straight-up confusing imaginary sex dreams.

For centuries, theorists have recorded and analyzed dreams, developed dream symbology, and thought of ways to interpret their meaning. These interpretations have helped people sort out the crazy shit that goes on in their minds once they fall into that mysterious REM sleep.

So why is it that your subconscious is showing you some fucked up sex fantasies? We at Jerk have compiled a few expert interpretations to help you understand what could be motivating those crazy sex dreams. It’s probably not what you think…

1. Sex with a celebrity We’ve all had a sex dream or two about some celebrity we pine for. Sometimes these dreams even involve a famous someone who you would never consider sexy IRL. The interesting thing about sex dreams is that often they don’t have anything to do with an attraction that you feel when you're awake. Dreams have mostly been accepted as reflections of your personality and the concerns in your life.

A dream about having sex with a celeb could mean that you crave fame and fortune, or simply recognition for your talents.

2. Sex with your friend’s girlfriend or boyfriend If you’ve just woken up from a dream where you had your best friend’s girlfriend moaning your name, you’re probably feeling pretty confused about your motives. You’re not even attracted to your dude’s girl. Well, according to some dream interpreters, you may just be admiring a trait in your friend’s lover that you want to adapt as your own. It’s the personality that your brain is really attracted to. So obviously the move is to flatter this aspiration through the use of your dream penis. Or, maybe, you really do just want to fuck your best friend’s girlfriend...

3. Sex with a close friend Dreaming about getting freaky with a close friend does not necessarily denote a complicated sexual attraction. If you share a lot of intimate moments with this person and have gotten to know one another in deep ways, dream sex could be a symbol of that bond. Some say that it’s a reflection of how close you feel with this friend and that there is a truly meaningful connection between you, however platonic.

On the other hand, there is also the possibility of unresolved desires for your friend that are quite possibly unrequited. You may not have the courage to act on those desires. Or more likely, you really shouldn’t act on those desires if you want to somehow salvage your wonderful friendship. Let’s be real, you probably know which one it is.

4. Sex with someone else (cheating) If you’re dreaming of a vivid scene where you do some very sexy things to a very not-your-bae, it could mean a few different things. For starters, you probably aren’t as into committing yourself to someone as you’d like to believe. You may feel reservations about being vulnerable in a relationship or uncertain about your feelings for your significant other.

It’s likely that you are honestly not about this situationship anymore. Your dream is showing an impulse in you to change it up. Maybe you should start thinking about reevaluating your commitment, especially if your revealing sleep-talk gets the best of you while spending the night at bae’s.

5. Sex with weird genitalia Although there can be plenty of explanations for why you are dreaming of a sex scene involving multiple, mismatched, undersized, oversized, or misshapen genitalia, few of them actually have anything to do with sex organs. Perhaps you’re feeling some sort of shame in connection with your sex life, hence the bizarre set of genitals. If you’re dreaming that you have opposite genitalia, it could simply be connected to the growth of your inner femininity/masculinity. Maybe you’re dreaming you have both sexes, in which case you may be feeling a sense of balance and harmony within yourself.

Most likely, you’re expressing some suppressed creativity by dreaming of this wild spectacle. Interpreting dreams is never totally "black and white." Usually their meaning is up to the interpretation of the dreamer. Maybe you just simply wish you had three boobs and two penises. That’s okay. You can fulfill whatever desires you have — just look to the land of dreams.

Art by Shawna Rabbas