7 Shoes Your Spring Wardrobe Needs Now


Sandals_MAIN Is it just me, or did this winter feel like the longest one ever? It's finally time to put away your Uggs and Bean boots as we have officially transitioned into spring (unless we get another freakishly random day of snow). I don’t know about you, but I have never been paler in my life and am seriously need some serious vitamin D.

I understand it when people spend hundreds of dollars on a nice pair of snow boots or winter shoes, as they are basically survival gear in Syracuse. It is simply not worth it, however, to drop all that money on spring and summer shoes because they are usually just trendy pieces that can go out of style at any minute.

To celebrate the warmer temperatures, and in honor of all the springtime events coming up, here's a list of affordable spring shoes that you need to get your hands on now.

1. Platform sandals


These strappy lug sole platform sandals are the epitome of spring. The white color hints a sense of sleekness and is perfect with monochromatic outfits. Casual or dressy, these sandals are extremely versatile. You can wear them with a casual striped shirt dress to the mall, or pair them with a knee-length bodycon dress for a KimYe ensemble.

2. Jelly heels


Be the grungy ‘90s kid you always wanted to be with these shoes. The only word I can use to describe them is “badass” because I am absolutely in love with them. The chunky block heel creates a retro feel and brings out more edge. Pair these with your favorite pair of mom jeans and a crop top to complete the edgy ‘90s look. And yes, you read it right, they are only $7!

3. Minimalistic flats


These all-white flats are extremely simple in design and style and perfect for a monochromatic or minimalistic pairing. They come in both black and white, so they are versatile and easy to style with different pieces. These flats are a classic and timeless staple because they will never go out of style.

4. Flatform sandals


This metallic number is another statement piece that every fashionista should own. Flatform shoes have been really on trend this season, and they give you height without the pain you have to go through with heels. #shortpeopleproblems I especially like the holographic finish on this pair because it is more turquoise and purple than most holographic prints, which makes it really different. Throw these on with a classic white dress and leather jacket over it to create an interesting juxtaposition between edge and sophistication.

5. Gladiator sandals


These lace-up gladiator sandals are to die for. They are a great statement piece for spring and summer because they embody the essence of the seasons but still retain a little bit of edge. The scalloped lace cutouts along the sandals create a more feminine look to the sandals and the delicate straps and lace-up detailing exude sex appeal. These shoes will make any guy drool, and are perfect for music festivals (even though they will probably get ruined, oops).

6. Greek sandals


These sandals are very Greek or Medieval-inspired with the intricate weaving of the straps. The silver hardware on the sandal gives it a cool edge that will go with any spring or summer outfit. Pairing this shoe with something a little more feminine will help balance its rugged and masculine elements.

7. Jelly sandals


No, they’re not the same as Crocs or Birkenstocks. This shoe trend may be controversial in that you either love them or you hate them, but I think these sandals can be very chic if paired with the right outfit. The rubber material and transparency of the shoe makes it super unique, which is exactly why I love them. Pair these shoes with some cute printed socks for a bold statement. I would also pair them with music festival inspired outfits just because they are so rad and hipster. Incorporating elements of boho vibes and fringe can elevate these shoes and make them more sophisticated.

Photo by Adham Elshawrkawi