Jerk's Official Music Festival Survival Guide


Print Last week’s Mayfest was just the beginning. Whether you're chilling at Firefly or Vans Warped Tour, everyone loves an outdoor music festival. There is just something about sunshine and live jams that can’t be beat. But, between the beverages you may consume and the insane venue, there's also a lot of potential for a not so great time. Here are some essentials to go over in order to ensure that your festival experiences are memorable and positive ones.

1. The tickets. Know your tickets inside and out. Are you standing or sitting? Are the tickets for general admission? When do doors open? On what days is the festival held? Do you have access to just one of the days or all of them? The answers to these questions are crucial because you’ll know when to show up and what you’re in for.

2. The transportation and directions. Not only should you know the route to and from the festival, but you should also know how you’re getting there and back. Pitch in gas money for a friend or chance your local bus system. If you're attending a huge fest like Lollapalooza or Bonnaroo, make sure to grab a map when you get there. It might be a little dorky, but it’s better than endlessly wandering around the Porta Potties while searching for your favorite artist.

3. The outfit. This year’s festival style offers accessories that are way beyond last season’s metallic tattoos and flower crowns. Fanny packs are a thing this year, so get ready to channel your inner soccer mom. Tank tops, T-shirts, shorts, and shades remain an outdoor event staple. On the off chance that the weather is dreary – think Mayfest – windbreakers, hoodies and plastic ponchos work better in crowds than puffy jackets and clunky umbrellas. Avoid flip-flops at all costs.

4. The backpack essentials. Although you’ve probably spent a lot already, be ready to spend money. Apart from buying commemorative merch, you’re going to want food and drinks. If you don’t want to spend extra cash, however, definitely pack some snacks and a reusable water bottle. You will need fuel and hydration for long days of hot sun and sing-a-longs. Sunscreen and cosmetics with SPF are also an absolute must-have if your skin burns easily. How are you supposed to take an envy-inducing pic if you’re all bright red? Although policies differ from venue to venue, bring a camera if you can to make some high-definition memories – that is, of course, if you’re not going to get too rowdy or make your way into the pit. Last but not least, hand sanitizers, napkins, and wipes will be your best friends. They can clean off everything, from sticky mustard to sticky mud.

5. The good vibes. Although having a good time seems like a no-brainer, our obligations to our job, our internships, and our families may take away from the relaxation aspect of summer vacation. Be sure to make the most of your summer festival experience. The best days are the ones that have good music, good friends, good times, and good vibes. Make the best of your time off because before you know it, it will back to the work grind up on the Hill.

Art by Shawna Rabbas