5 Do's and Don'ts of Summer Hookups


Print Summer — nothing brings college students more joy than the idea of chilling with friends by the beach while having a cold one (or two). With yet another school year behind us, we deserve to have a good time, and what’s a good time without good sex?

While some may be heading to the city for an internship or spending the summer abroad, the majority of us are heading home and that means bumping into old flames and high school hookups. Here’s your go-to guide on what and what not to do when it comes to your summer sex life.

1. DO assess exactly what you want. Whether you’ve left an ex back in college or realize that you’re done with dating and just want to have fun, figure out what you want before you jump into anything over the summer. The best way to avoid any sort of heartache is to really assess the situation — do you want something free and easy, or are you looking for a real summer-only relationship? Either way, figure it out early so your summer stays fun, frivolous, and drama-free.

2. DON’T fall back into your comfort zone. Yes, you’re home for the summer and that probably means that you’re going to bump into your high school sweetheart at parties but no, that does not mean that you should go back to that. High school was a long-time ago which means that you should let whatever you’ve had in the past stay there. You’ve gone to college, grown up, and while it would mean easy sex, it’s also pretty much the same damn thing — in other words, let’s move on.

3. DO hook up with that one high school crush you could never forget. Whether the star of your high school football team or that super cute girl from your art class (heck, she could even be your friend’s high school girlfriend), all of us have that one high school crush that we never did anything about other than admiring from afar. But, times have changed, you’ve grown up and now you’re a totally different person than the kid you were in high school. And what better way to say goodbye to your timid high school self than to hook up with your longtime crush? High school you would totally thank you.

4. DON’T have sex with your summer co-worker. For most of us, summer means making some extra money by either scooping ice cream, lifeguarding by the beach, or working at a local restaurant. And working over the summer can mean long hours and very little time in between to socialize with anyone else, so don’t take the risk of hooking up with a co-worker. While it seems like a no-brainer option, just think how awkward things might get if all you wanted was a one night stand but he wanted otherwise. So, keep your sex and work life separate.

5. DO keep your options open. Summer is three whole months, so while it’s easy to just take a celibate vow at the start of it, you’re allowed to change your mind. Whether that means deciding that you want to experiment with both guys and girls or that you’re only into one-night stands and nothing else, the choice is yours. Also, unlike spring break, summer is way longer, so now’s probably the best time to have a no strings attached, friends with benefits relationship. Summer’s meant to be three months of no worries, so prep yourself for some fun in the sun and while you’re at it, don’t forget to make time for some sex on the beach ;)

Art by Shawna Rabbas