Why You Should Shake It to the Alabama Shakes


alabama-shakes-band-1 Being that I am basic AF, I am obviously a gold card member at Starbucks. With my piece of shiny gold I get free music, free apps, and free drinks on occasion. This week Starbucks treated me to a free download of the song “Don’t Wanna Fight” by the Alabama Shakes. The song comes from their new album, Sound & Color, which was released April 21.

Alabama Shakes is currently the number one album on iTunes. This is the band’s second album, the first one being Boys & Girls in 2012. The band of five is led by female lead singer Brittany Howard, who has a such a unique, powerful voice that it might give you chills – similar to that of a ‘60s or ‘70s jazz singer (James Brown is the main artist that comes to mind). While Alabama Shakes would fit right in with those past decades, they also fit perfectly in today’s day and age. They are similar to The Black Keys, Amy Winehouse, and Annie Lennox (who is making a comeback, even though really she’s from the ‘70s too). They could even be compared to Modest Mouse. The combinations of the heavy guitar, light keyboard, snare, bass drums, and Howard’s belting – which sometimes more a shriek –will put you in a trance.

Along with “Don’t Wanna Fight,” you should definitely check out, “Gimme All Your Love,” and “Sound And Color” – which uses a xylophone that creates a dope sounds. Check out some videos of them performing as well — Brittany Howard is a blast to watch. You can also catch the Alabama Shakes live all summer, as they are going on a world tour from May to November.

Below are some of their best tracks. Enjoy.





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