Jerk's Summer Fervor Playlist


Design by Jena Salvatore Rise and shine. We are out of the dreary winter and into an exciting time: high 60’s, a Syracuse paradise! The campus vibes are a-changing. Get your ass on the quad with that ENO or picnic blanket, plug in those headphones, and listen to our Summer Fervor Playlist. This playlist includes everything from Fleetwood Mac’s newest demo to some experimental indie, pre-game-pop, and basking-in-the-sun alt tracks. It was entirely inspired by the new release of Fleetwood Mac’s new demo, which is a fresh taste of vintage summer.

World famous, inspirational, life-altering band Fleetwood Mac just released a demo of unreleased song “Where We Belong” yet no one is fucking covering it! We thought this song fit perfectly with the dazed sun-tanning vibe we’ve got going on in this playlist.

The song was co-written by Lindsey Buckingham and Christine McVie, and although it is not a completely finished song, it is still good for being pretty bare-boned. The band released the album as an addition to their critically acclaimed album “Tango In The Night,” which is having its 30th anniversary this year.

The demo, while anti-climactic, is a fresh taste of what we’ve missing for the past decade and we can all say that we love the pairing of Buckingham and McVie’s vocals. Brings us back to “Don’t Stop” and “Think About Me.”

Some of our other favorite tracks on the playlist include:

Her Heart Isn’t Beating For Me - Semi-Attractive Boy

This song, while somewhat pop-y, is quite experimental, and takes us back to a simpler time. Not saying bubble gum pop is bad (it is), but this band does a great job of having a catchy hook while still being unique. We expect to hear a lot more from this band soon.

Good Morning - Grouplove MUNA Remix

Sounds like typical Grouplove and who doesn’t love driving with the windows down to typical Grouplove?

Slip Away - Perfume Genius

Who doesn’t love some summertime Perfume Genius? Simple tempos and echoing vocals keep us entertained as we lay on the quad pondering life.

I Saw You Close Your Eyes - Local Natives

This song brings together an electric-basement-concert feel, but it can also be perfectly enjoyed on a sunny day roof-hang with some beers.

Throw on some of your oversized shades and kick back to a playlist that will make you forget all your responsibilities for a little while.