NYWF’s Most Unbearably Wearable Looks


New York Fashion Week is one of the highest profile fashion events in the world. Designers bring their A-game and always go above and beyond expectations. Check out these insanely awesome looks that you can totally try for yourself. The only accessories you need are confidence, sass, and attitude.  

unwearable1Fall means one thing – longs on longs on longs. Yes, there are your classic fall staples like the black leather jacket, the trench coat, and the denim jacket – but you’re missing your jacket. What fun is a fall wardrobe without the perfect statement piece? Of course you want to be in your autumn colors, but who said plum wasn’t meant for the season of pumpkin spice lattes? Make yourself stand out from the basic bitches in plaid and strut down Marshall street with these fur sleeves flowing in the fall breeze.




unwearable2Stop acting like you have a stick up your ass (like a popsicle, excuse the terrible pun) and throw away your little black dress. Enough of the basic solid color looks; it’s time to go out wearing something that you’re passionate about, and if it’s food and New York, look no further. Don’t be the girl who blends in at the club, stand out and let everyone melt over your look (strike two). Oh, and tell the haters they can suck it.





unwearable3I don’t know about any other students, but I spent ten years in a high school uniform that I loved. It made me feel so professional during tests and exams, but now I feel like I can come to class looking disheveled and lazy. Prep up your wardrobe with a power suit that will make you feel just like a little paper doll. You can even pair this two-dimensional style with one of Amazon’s most popular bags.





unwearable4If you’re ever having one of those beyond hung-over Monday’s (or Tuesdays, for that matter) then all you want to do is go to class in your pajamas. Try this outfit on for size, looks cozy enough for me – better yet, buy it nice and baggy – the more room the better. Take on this silky smooth look and make pajama day a thing again. #MakeAmericaGreatAgain






unwearable5Have you ever had one of those days when you literally look like the grumpy cat meme and just walk around repeating “no” in your mind – if so, read on. This jumpsuit is the most wonderful human repellent outfit I have seen so far. Perfect against all weather elements at Syracuse, this is a jumpsuit fit for any season that you can wear alone or even layer with. Also, let’s not forget the orange and blue detailing. You know what that means – tailgate appropriate. Who’s going to be laughing when you’re the only one warm during March Madness?





unwearable6We all know that bodysuits are the new must-have going out look. If you’re anybody who is anybody, then you must own a body suit. But who says you have to get all basic about it? Take it to the next level, like Wolverine next level. This bodysuit maximizes all body space to make sure you sparkle from shoulder to shoulder and cheek to cheek. Let’s not forget the attached skeleton gloves, because yes, you can wear your twelve-year-old Halloween costume to a frat party.





unwearable8In the words of the man on the sweater, “When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself.” If you don’t know who that man is, then please don’t be wearing this, if you do, blaze on. Show off your true self (and true reasons you’re in college) in this matching mesh set. Screw the people who say you can’t mix patterns because I would rate this look 420 out of 10.





unwearable9No article could be complete without one insane orange-out outfit. Not only will you look like a bomb ass bitch in this crop-top and skirt set, you’ll be repping SU with insane class. Let’s take a moment to appreciate that the straps are overall hooks – sorry – sparkly orange overall hooks. The skirt has orange circle sequins; those remind you of anyone orange and circular? Skip the bookstore and Manny’s, this is the way to go if you want to please Otto.





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