On the Road to Sock-cess: Willy Landsberg of @Sockcessful


ChHTNGf8ocFu86Wd-3QqCG83ONiRnNvnbZFZ913Vsjg While betches are busy instagramming every last morsel of their meals, Willy Landsberg is taking his Instagram account to the next level. Enter Sockcessful, aka a shrine of “Your Wifey’s Favorite Socks.” Oh yes, this is a real thing.

Landsberg, founder of Sockcessful, came down with a case of complete and utter boredom while at his internship this past summer. He wanted to do something to help pass the time and he soon realized how he was slowly, but surely, getting really into his socks. “I was talking to my friends about girls with food Instagrams, and one of my friends mentioned socks.” And voilà, Sockcessful was born.


Clueless as to what socks to buy? Fear not — just check out @Sockcessful on IG, round up some inspiration, and your feet will be thanking you in no time. Landsberg views Sockcessful as a gateway for open fashion. Maybe you normally wouldn’t be caught dead in a pink fuzzy sweater, but tie it together with a vibrant pair of pink, purple, and black socks, you’ll be so down to rock the pink look better than a Plastic. After all, a wise man once said, real men wear pink.

Landsberg hit the breaks on his road to Insta-fame to sit down and chat about what goes into running an Instagram account.

Cori Rosen: How did you come up with the name Sockcessful?

Willy Landsberg: It was the first thing I thought of actually and it stuck!

CR: So what makes someone Sockcessful?

WL: Anybody can be Sockcessful. You’re Sockcessful by not wearing a bland pair of socks. When I sit down and my pant leg slides up, I want people’s eyes to open.

CR: What do you look for in a good pair of socks?

WL: Flare. You can go with a design of anchors or an animal, or there’s argyle and other patterns. It depends on the occasion you’re getting dressed for and the shirt and tie you’re wearing. If you don’t match the socks with the shirt your wearing, you’re not Sockcessful.

CR: For all the men and ladies out there vying to make it on the @Sockcessful page, what goes into the making of a solid Instagram?

WL: It’s more than just the socks. You have to make them look important, like they matter. If you’re only reaction is, “oh they look nice,” then you just keep scrolling by. The background is a huge factor.

CR: If Sockcessful had a theme song, what would it be?

WL: “The Man” by Aloe Blacc. It instills confidence and you’re the man when you’re Sockcessful.

CR: What’s one thing people would be surprised to know about Sockcessful?

WL: I sometimes ask girls to help edit the pictures for me. I do it most of the time, but I’ve ask girls a bunch of times.

CR: And what’s your best advice to be Sockcessful?

WL: If you’re buying socks that don’t stand out, then it’s a waste of time. Make it a Sockcessful purchase.

Think your socks are sockcessful? Throw on your best pair of socks, snap a shot, and Instagram it with #sockcessful. And for more on Sockcessful, make sure to follow @Sockcessful on Instagram.

Photos by Dana Salzman