Sex Questions You’re Too Afraid to Ask


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It is human nature to ask questions, but sometimes in life, there are things you just have to figure out for yourself. Some subjects are just a bit too taboo to ask your pals or your neighbors. Fret not, because we at Jerk asked for you to send us your sexual questions, and are here to answer them.

Question: How do I convince my hookup to try kinky stuff like handcuffs or blindfolding?

Communication is key. If handcuffing is your thing, that’s cool, but open up a discussion about it beforehand just to see how your partner feels about it. Most people are open to exploring and experimenting with kink—you can tell them about how much it turns you on. If they aren’t willing to at least try to go out of their comfort zone for you, then move on to someone a little less vanilla.

Question: Can you have sex with a girl without being lesbian or bisexual?

Sexuality is a complex and intricate thing. If you don’t identify as someone that is gay or bi then you aren’t. Just because you drunkenly hooked up with someone of the same gender at a party doesn’t need to change how you label yourself. It’s important that you do what you want to do, without thinking about labels.

Question: What’s the best position for squirting?

This one is tricky; the female sex organs are a mysterious phenomena. Classes actually exist were you can learn how to squirt. Technically, the best position for coitus incontinence (squirting) is when the female’s g-spot is stimulated, so try using props like pillows under her butt in missionary for a better angle, or have her go on top and bend back slightly. Reverse cowgirl position is another good one, because who knows a girl’s body better than her?

Squirting is basically an intense female ejaculation, so if you are trying to make your partner come, make sure you know her pleasure zones and what turns her on. Use all of them to your best ability, don’t skip out on foreplay, and keep some Gatorade next to the bed for after. Remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

Question: How much is too much masturbation? Asking for a friend…

Masturbation is a beautiful gift that keeps on giving. As long as your p or v or whatever you’re pleasuring isn’t noticeably irritated by all your masturbation and it isn’t disturbing your daily activities, you should be all good.

Question: Can I get pregnant from holding in my pee?

Sex without protection of some sort (i.e. birth control, condoms) is how people get pregnant. So as long as you’re being safe and using protection you should be fine. If you’re going to get anything from holding in your pee, it’ll probably be a UTI.

Question: Is it possible to have sex if you’re ur sober?

While this may come as a surprise to many, it is actually possible to have sex while sober. It may seem easier to hook up with someone when drunk because the lack of inhibitions, but sober sex is way better—no whisky dick to ruin the mood.

Question: Is it weird if I cry during sex?

Who hasn’t cried at least once during sex!? It’s cool if you’re in touch with your emotions, but if you’re always crying during sex, it may be a good idea to check in with yourself about why you’re upset. And, of course, you can always stop if you are feeling unhappy or uncomfortable.

Question: Circumcised or not?

Honestly it doesn’t really matter. Some people have their preferences but it’s all about the person attached to the penis.

Question: Can you pre-cum get you pregnant?

Typically no, but there are rare instances where it’s happened. Research has shown that most precum does not have sperm in it, but it’s still an odds game, and some cases have shown sperm present in the fluid. So if you’re using “pulling out” as your one and only contraception, it’s a good idea to use another form, like birth control or condoms.

Question: What is something sexy to yell when you’re having an orgasm?

If you're on the brink of an orgasm, whatever you say really won't matter; you'll be distracted by that sweet lovemaking. Yelling a person's name is always a turn on--so long as you remember who you're having sex with.