Studying with Technology

By Shea Garner

We all know the real way to achieve success in school is by studying. With so many other things we could possibly be doing, studying can prove itself challenging. Studying requires constant concentration, dedication and some sacrifices must be made to get good grades. But easy and instant access to several forms of technology can easily distract even the most studious college kid.

The "real time" feeds and live updates from social media networks like Twitter and Facebook can easily grab one's attention and sustain it during designated studying time. Even shutting off a computer is useless these days with access to smartphones and other portable devices.

But all technology is not evil if it's used intelligently. Start off on the right foot this semester and take advantage of some technology that actually facilitates studying instead of hindering it:

SelfControl: This program, designed for Mac, allows users to block emails and websites for an allotted period of time. This prevents procrastination via Facebook stalking, stumbling, and urges to "relieve stress" on YouPorn Just be careful not too set it for too long, there is no way to unblock the site if you finish early.

Smart Cover- The smart cover for the iPad 2 offers more than just protection for your new device. When paired with the Evernote Peek app, it turns into the perfect study device. Lift the bottom to see the question, ponder a bit, and then lift a little more to see the answer. It's the digital solution to note cards—but we're sure there are plenty of other things on the net you'd rather be "peeking" at.

myHomework- This popular app allows the user to enter his or her class schedule and organize and plan homework, projects, tests, etc. It will notify you about upcoming assignments and warn you if you're late, which will come in handy for those mornings when you're hangover has you moving in slow motion.

Thousands upon thousands of other apps are also available to download, including apps for common academic sites and programs like SparkNotes and Just fight the temptation to install Angry Birds.

Is technology a distraction to you? What helps you to study? Let us know below.