Tailgates: Brought to You by NYFW



It’s that point in the semester when you’ve exhausted all forms of tailgate outfits. After thoroughly stalking all public profiles on Instagram and trading clothes with your friends, you’ve seemed to have lost that creative spark. Everyone has seen the cheerleader skirts and lace-up tees. Accept that it's time for a reboot, and what better place to gain tailgate inspo than straight off the runway of New York Fashion Week? Tailgates are basically the closest a ‘Cuse girl will get to a street style shoot outside the runway – so let’s use that to our advantage now. Orange is the new black, right?

Yannis Vlamos / Indigital.tv

Designed by Chromat, modeled by L’ka Tea

Throw those Urban Outfitter shorts to the side and swap in some textured denim. These jeans are detailed with chains around the front pockets and accessorized with a matching chain choker. You’re letting everyone know you don’t fuck around when it comes to tailgate apparel. A great part of this look is also the combination of low-rise jeans with a high cut bodysuit, giving the athletic mesh detailing on the sides of the one piece some limelight. Go sports!

Alena Akhmadullina

Designed by Alena Akhmadullina

As previously mentioned, denim at a tailgate is as groundbreaking as florals for spring. How do we break from the endless cycle of ripped jeans? Behold, the denim jumpsuit. Pushing through Friday night's hangover to tailgate doesn’t get much easier than slipping into a one-piece. No fuss between the blue on your shirt clashing with the blue of your jeans, either. This look is the definition of one and done while also remaining tres chic.

Marcus Tondo / Indigital.tv

Designed by Jeremy Scott, modeled by Ellen Rosa

Who says your love of camo can’t showcase itself at a tailgate? Monrow sweats won’t suit the East Adams scene, but this sweater dress for sure can. With a front pouch large enough to store a bottle of Svedka and killer bright orange spirit, this look is guaranteed to have you stand out from the crowd. You want to be the girl who just tosses on an oversized sweater and makes it look cool, even though we all know you aren’t that chill – you can fool them all.

Derek Lam 10 Crosby

Designed by Derek Lam 10 Crosby

The off-the-shoulder fad is one we are here for – but let’s not fall into the same white Brandy Melville crop top pattern. For a more mature, bold look, this Otto-worthy dress has you covered. The subtle detailing and unique cut bring together a dress that is both fashion forward and totally tailgate ready.

Luca Tombolini / Indigital.tv

Designed by Eckhaus Latta, modeled by Rania Hamner

Bleached, lace-up shirts are probably as basic as you can get for a tailgate, but with this outfit you’ve got all the right details in perfectly refreshing places. The shirt is the right amount of sexy, sleek and ditching-the-bra chic, plus these bleached high-waisted jeans are perfect for covering up the mozz sticks you ate at Acropolis last night. You're welcome.

Lisa Perry

Designed by Lisa Perry

If you’re more into the sweet and simple looks (aka you're a freshman), a simple orange dress is the way to go. This lovely look synchs at the waist with a cute bow to show off your body in the most innocent way possible. But remember to take caution with a dress, young ones. If you’re planning on climbing onto the platform at East Adams, be ready to show the world your ass.

Yannis Vlamos / Indigital.tv

Designed by Tom Ford, modeled by Amilna Estevão

As the weather starts to dramatically shift from casual summer breeze to murderous winter rage, make sure your tailgate outfits don’t succumb to the cold. You can still be fly without shivering your ass off or covering yourself head-to-toe in Canada Goose paraphernalia. This leather bomber and matching pant set is perfect for taking winter tailgates by storm (pun always intended).

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