Thanksgiving a la CVS



BY: Aubrey Schopinsky

Thanksgiving--a time to give thanks and argue with your extended family. Although the usual family spats and long-dead grudges are known to resurface, Thanksgiving is still one of the happiest times of the year. This happiness can be chalked up by the sole presence of food. Acting as a cure for every heartache, grievance, or simply as a source of comfort, the signature dishes are ones filled with nostalgia and stuffing.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the chance to enjoy this family friendly holiday. So, if you are missing home and the home made meals, look no further than Marshall Street and the comforts of the ever bustling CVS. Although I myself am homebound, I made it my mission to you to find the majority of items you may need for that traditional Thanksgiving dinner on a budget.

Meat (or lack thereof)

Unfortunately, although a high caliber and a well stocked grocery section (one whole aisle!) it’s better suited to nail polishes and Tylenol. However, I was surprised I found as much as I did. Whether you’re carnivorous or vegetarian, you are regrettably shit out of luck. No turkeys could be found in the mini mart, but don’t worry about it—turkey is overrated. However, if you’re still hankering for some gobble, sink those chompers into some turkey jerky. There were also some tins with premium chicken breast. But quite honestly, tins are for cats.

As for vegetarians, CVS is severely lacking in tofurkey or that turkey substitute. But what were you expecting? This isn’t Wegmans. However, there are a variety of Progresso soups that can offer some sodium rich meals, but most of them have meat. So you’re still pretty limited.

Tradish dishes

The traditional items are, surprisingly, in abundance. There are boxed mashed potatoes and gravy packets. Even if you don’t have a turkey, gravy is a substitute ladled over any food, and would be perfect over mashed potatoes. As a tradition in my family, there is always a strawberry Jell-O salad. CVS does have Jell-O (the actual brand name too—such luxury). You can also find Uncle Ben’s (the best kind) chicken or white rice packets. I didn’t find cranberry sauce, but I did find cranberry juice, so just pretend it’s just really watery sauce.


Make mom proud with providing veggies. There are canned veggies ranging from peas to beans to corn. Not much of a selection, but have you ever met a person that doesn’t like corn?

In conclusion, although there is no pumpkin pie, there’s always cake mix. And college is all about substitutions. Maybe you can find a pilgrim themed party where you can drink the night away. It lands on a thirsty Thursday after all.

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