The 10 Commandments of Style


MCDSEAN EC148 On the 9th of October 2014, your style mentor and fashion knowledge-giver, (*cough* me *cough*), descended from the great depths of the web and wrote these words:

1. You shall build a signature style. Maybe you’re the girl who lives in band tees or can’t be caught without her sunnies, but however you are, create an image for yourself and rock that. People will respect you for it.

2. You shall never apologize. The haters are going to hate. What more can I say? I believe in you.

3. You shall not worship celebrities. Most celebrities have teams of people working long hours to make them look camera-ready. This is SO UNREALISTIC. Don’t compare yourself to celebrities when many of them don’t even have a sense of style because its been created for them by a team. Be original.

4. You shall make mistakes and then laugh about it. We are all going to have style fails. For my junior year prom, my curly hair literally looked like a poodle. The photos make me cringe. YIKES. But I learned that I style my own hair better than someone else can (GO ME!). Making fashion mistakes is a right of passage to becoming an adult, so the best thing to do? Laugh it off.

5. You shall use style to empower oneself, not to put others down. As my girl T-Swift once sang, “Sophistication isn’t what you wear or who you know, or pushing people down to get you where you want to go.”

6. You shall not forget one is a woman. This is simple: keep your body shape and curves in mind. There’s no need to be ratchet, but if something doesn’t work well, be honest with yourself.

7. You shall keep pieces to become classics to pass onto family. What’s more amazing than inheriting a vintage garment or accessory? Think about keeping your favorite pieces for your future daughters, nieces, and grandchildren. They’ll thank you later. And even if you don’t want to pass it onto family, the pieces you buy now with your AHHMAZING taste will be antiques one day and worth major $$$.

8. You shall not be closed-minded. How many times have we seen a trend and thought, there’s nowhere I’ll wear that! High top converse sneakers are having a moment right now and a year ago I thought to myself, would I wear those clown shoes? Heck to the no. But now, I’ve seen how well they can be styled and I am considering buying a pair.

9. You shall make it a lifestyle. “Style isn’t just about what you wear, it’s about how you live.” Guess what, if you wear an uber chic outfit, that doesn’t make you stylish. You need the full effect: a passionate life, stylish surroundings, people that lift you higher, and a confident attitude. Kapish?

10. You shall fake it ‘til you make it. Remember when Elle Woods wore that feminine and punchy pink suit to court when she was defending Brooke in court? Elle had NO IDEA what she was doing, but her confidence and credibility-came from her sophisticated suit. Befriend fashion and let it make people believe in you until you believe in yourself. Cheesy? Yes. True? Also yes.