The Best #MannequinChallenge Attempts Out There


What’s the new and latest thing sweeping the Internet lately? If you are assuming that it has something to do with the election, you’re dead wrong. There’s something infinitely more important going on in this nation, and it’s been trending everywhere. The mannequin challenge is the biggest, most debated subject since sliced bread. With so many people taking part in it, I can’t go more than five minutes on my Twitter feed without seeing a mannequin challenge video tweeted, retweeted or commented on. We've taken it upon ourselves it give it a try.

Basically, in a week this craze will be over and we will only bring it up again when Timehop reminds us about it in a year, but for now let’s appreciate the best and most creative videos we’ve seen. Jimmy Johns

As if we didn’t already love the chain for its delish sandwiches and delivery all over campus, Jimmy John’s impressed everyone with their creative mannequin challenge. While it’s not the Jimmy Johns on Marshall Street, the execution of this was near perfect—no eye contact or twitching. It was also creative and involved both customers and employees. For the love of the sandwiches, people, for the love of sandwiches. Dallas Cowboys

After being 7 and 1, the Dallas Cowboys nailed the mannequin challenge. With players suspending themselves in air, taking photos, interacting with others, or just sitting by themselves on the plane, it really seems as if time just stopped during their video. Cleveland Caveliers

Winning the NBA championship clearly wasn’t enough for the Cavs, as they further proved how great of a team they are with their version of the mannequin challenge. Oh, I should mention that they are in the White House with Michelle Obama AND Barack Obama. That’s right. The first lady and the president of the United States successfully executed the mannequin challenge. Blac Chyna

Will the Kardashians ever not have a spotlight on them? If they do a mannequin challenge in the delivery room then the answer is no. Blac Chyna, Rob Kardashian, Kris Jenner and more completely froze for the video, and to be completely honest they did a really good job. Say what you want about the family, but they killed it. Rae Sremmurd

Of course the artist of the Mannequin Challenge song had to put out a video of the challenge, and what better way than doing it at his concert? Rae Sremmord got everyone on stage and the audience to stand still for the video. With such a huge crowd, at such an exciting concert, I’m surprised everyone pulled through as successfully as they did.

I’m sure more and more people will continue to post videos even after everyone stops watching them. However, even if you’re sick of watching the videos it beats reading all the political fights on social media, trust me.