The Week: What You Missed


Sunday, June 26| Known that we learn cultural norms and habits at a young age, a Swedish preschool has decided to keep gender equality in mind when teaching youngers. Children will be referred to as “friends” instead of “girls and boys” and fairy tales will eliminate princesses saved by handsome princes.

Apparently some people don't believe a dog is a man's best friend. An advocacy group in San Francisco wants to make buying any animals as pets illegal with a passing of a new bill.

Monday, June 27| Myspace was expected to lay off almost half of its employees this week. Unsurprisingly, it seems the new format and logo didn't bring back users. Unfortunately the want-to-be-scenester Myspace photos will still exist on Facebook.

On a more serious note, Rod Blagojevich was finally convicted for 17 of his 18 counts of corruption including trying to sell Obama’s senator seat. We wonder after finishing his first term how much that seat might cost now...

Tuesday, June 28| Tom Petty demanded that Michelle Bachmann, the GOP presidential candidate for next fall, would not use his song “American Girl” as part of her campaign. Petty also asked George Bush to refrain from using his music during his campaign. We wonder where Petty's political party loyalty might lie...

In Brazil, the government found an undiscovered tribe. If we dropped an Ipad from the sky do you think they might react the same way as the Bushman with the coke bottle?

Wednesday, June 29| Why did the turtle cross the JFK runway? It really was just to get to the other side. About 100 turtles climbed out of the marshes surrounding the airport and onto the runway to cross over to a marshy area and lay their eggs.

Manhattan hotels have agreed to give their employees panic buttons in case they are sexually assaulted or somehow get into trouble. Now only if Staples would create a real “easy” button.

Thursday, June 30| Germany decided to close all of its power plants by 2022, taking one step closer to eliminating environmental pollution. How long will it take for Al Gore to relocate?

Apparently a new study displays that eating candy might help prevent obesity and heart disease. Fine, I'll have another Snickers. It's for my health...

From all of us hear at Jerk, Have a happy Fourth of July! Practice safe BBQ-ing.