These Boots Were Made for Stompin’ Snow


Designed by Jena Salvatore You cannot deny the inevitable. Winter is coming and snow will soon fall. Once again, the city of Syracuse is going to transform into a frozen tundra and you’ll begin to think that the only place to find solace is at the bottom of your cup of hot chocolate. Wrong. You can prepare yourself to be the ultimate winter warrior while still slaying in style. It’s time to show Mother Nature you’re boss and have nicer shoes than her *hair flip*. Don’t sacrifice style for warmth this winter. Stomp the snow beneath your feet like it’s your 2 a.m. booty-calling boy.


504079304_1_shoeside-2I know it breaks your heart to retire your Stan Smith’s until you can see the grass again, but on the bright side, Adidas has still got you covered. This boot is a collab between Adidas and designer Stella McCartney to give you the grip of a proper snowshoe with couture flare.






I thought pigs would fucking touch Mars before I saw the resurrection of Moon Boots, but here they are – and they’re actually not bad. Unlike my neon green pair that peaked (along with myself) in 2008, these Moon Boots are a neutral camo-green and black. They’re cushioned on the inside but have great grip so you don’t go sliding down the mount this winter.

6803959-2From the creators of your favourite rain boots, here come your new favourite winter boots. This matte rubber, waterproof lined boot has everything you need to keep the snow out and your toes toasty. Not only are these super winter-friendly, but they are also ideal for winter outfits. Everyone knows that black goes with everything.

6829091-2Just when you need them, Sorel, the saviour of all things winter, pulls through. These cute Timberland style booties are the perfect transition piece for when the snow melts but it is still hella icy. The traction on these boots keeps you from staring in your own Disney on Ice routine while trying to get to and from.

screen-shot-2016-11-08-at-10-16-40-pmIf you’re the type of girl who can’t go without her heels, this boot is perfect for you. Once again, your home girl Sorel is saving you from looking like an arctic explorer. This boot has a concealed wedge underneath its water-resistant leather. No need to worry about falling and breaking your ankle because there is an extra secure ankle buckle and the signature Sorel traction on the sole of the shoe.


Do they look like a car seat buckling itself in? Yes. Is that what I like about them? Most definitely. Although these boots are not your typical style, they’ll keep your feet in your shoes no matter the terrain. The inside of the boot is lined with knit to give your feet the warm hug they deserve. You may need to take a fashion risk this winter with these strangely attractive boots.

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