Why Astrology Has Absolutely Nothing To Do With Your Love Life

astrologyDesign by Cori Rosen

Here's my Scorpio reading for October 2nd, according to tarot.com.

“Even though there's a dramatic situation brewing in your love relationship, you'll be able to stay connected to it without succumbing or being overwhelmed by it right now. Consider yourself lucky: Your coolheaded demeanor is serving you well at this time, and your intuition is connected to your heart, guiding your every romantic move today.”

This excerpt alone leaves me with so many questions for further clarification. First of all, what is a “love relationship?" Is it a hookup, a boyfriend, a crush? Also, what is this “dramatic situation” that I am apparently not trying to be overwhelmed by? These are the questions the horoscope is trying to make you ask yourself. When you ask enough questions and don’t find an answer within the text, you eventually come up with an answer for yourself. The horoscope seems more personal, but really you’re just filling in the blanks and answering the questions. In reality, this limited set of 55 words can relate to every other Scorpio that is living their lives on this lovely October 2nd. The questions are only there to increase relateability.

Like any other path we take in life, our love lives become never ending road trips, with hills, valleys, and bumps all along the way. Horoscopes give us the impression that they exist as some kind of road map, guiding you through your love life but the reality of the situation is that so called "map" does not exist. The only thing that can truly guide you is your own intuition. As humans, we are always trying to predict the future because coming to terms with the truth is… to put things simply, hard. That truth being that our existence on this planet is cannot be defined and is not absolute.

We are self-centered creatures and horoscopes are a form of popular entertainment. We consciously and unconsciously compare ourselves to our surroundings in an attempt to discover our identities and a sense of inclusion. When reading our horoscopes, we are sold to this idea that we are connected with the cosmos. Our birth was specific and planned in the calendar of the stars. Forces far greater than us brought us here, and made us a certain way. We keep on reading to find “details” about ourselves; details that seem to describe us perfectly. But really, these "details" outlined in our horoscopes can relate to almost anyone… it’s designed that way. At the same time, we put the "details" that don't seem to apply to us in the back of our mind and keep on reading. What most people don’t do is read the horoscope of another zodiac sign. I guarantee you will find other attributes in those classifications that relate to you as well.

The reality of the situation is that astrological signs have become a cheesy outlet for a random strangers to tell you something about your life. Astrology is essentially bullshit. Don’t look up to the sky for life’s answers. If you’re looking for some entertainment, and want someone who doesn’t know you at all to tell you exactly what you’re like as a person, go for it. Hey, sometimes some advice is better than none at all, especially when you're bored. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

But as for the “dramatic situation brewing in my love relationship,” I’ll keep you all posted. Don't expect much confirmation though.