The Week: What You Missed


Sunday, August 7| While no bridges fell down, riots broke out in northern London on Sunday during a protest for justice over a fatal police shooting. During the riot buildings, a double decker bus, and police cars were set ablaze.

Back in the states, Florida officials arrested Outkast rapper Big Boi for drug possession. The rapper was caught with ecstasy pills, MDMA powder and Viagra. Another rapper, another drug bust. Will they ever learn?

Monday, August 8| After last week’s stock market tragedy, things just went from bad to worse. Taking the sixth biggest one-day fall in history, the stock market fell a little over 600 points.

Singer Gavin DeGraw was jumped in the Lower East Side of Manhattan and then hit by a cab after a night of drinking. Unfortunately there was no chariot to guide him away from this accident.

Tuesday, August 9| School starts soon unfortunately and besides stocking up on essentials like booze and Easy Mac, make sure to check out CNN’s must have school supplies for college students. It would make whoever is paying your tuition happy.

Back in NYC, middle and high school students will be mandated to take sex-ed. While all students will be learning how to properly apply a condom, the classes target Latino and African American teens who, according to the Bloomberg administration, need to improve their lives. Profiling much?

Wednesday, August 10| A new study declared that Facebook can cause kids and teens to become narcissistic, anxious, depressed, and perform badly in school. So stalking strangers, obsessing over tagged photos, and using Facebook as a general means of procrastination isn't good for our overall well being and intelligence? We can't say we're surprised.

The high profile fashion lawsuit involving Yves Saint Laurent and Christian Louboutin has been solved. The verdict: The house of Yves Saint Laurent can use red soles on their shoes even though it is Christian Louboutin’s trademark. Cheer up Christian, imitation is still the most sincere form of flattery, even if it costs you some millions.

Thursday, August 11| While the United States' bank account is tanking, Apple's finances are doing just fine. Apple has been declared the most valuable company in the United States. Steve Jobs should consider donating some of his dough to a struggling charity case—the American government perhaps?

Many were sketched out over the rumors about a mobile Facebook application obtaining phone numbers. But fear not, these accusations were cleared. Sorry creeps, you'll still have to try to score digits the old-fashioned way.