Ways to Keep Your Love Life Alive


By Bria Holness

Valentine’s Day is when many overindulge in expressing their love and affection to the special person in their life. We go out on dates, we buy extravagant gifts, we kiss, and we shower each other with love and positive feelings; things we may not necessarily do throughout the year. On the flip side, there’s always those do-gooders who claim that they don’t need this day to express their love because they do it everyday. Nonetheless, we all know that if you’re in a relationship, you’re going to celebrate your love one way or another. But wouldn’t it be nice to keep this hot, spicy, romantic, honeymoon-ish love and affection going all throughout the year? Here’s a few ways to do so.

Plan a date night. If you don’t go on romantic dates regularly, then have a date night every now and then, when you court one another and ignite the passion with a candlelight dinner, rose petals on the bed, a bubble bath, and chocolate covered strawberries. Consider it a monthly treat because passionate and romantic sex is hot sex.

Have sex everywhere BUT your bed. Get hot and heavy on the kitchen counter at home (just make sure you wipe it down with some Clorox after) or get risky and take it out to the movies, a dressing room, or in a car. This brings variety and spontaneity to your relationship, as well as excitement, and associates a rush of adrenaline, passion, and fun to your relationship that keeps the spice alive. Also, sometimes, when people hit the mattress, they just want to go to sleep. So if you want to have sex regularly, try having sex somewhere that won’t tempt your partner to fall asleep before you can get busy.

Sex is not all about the big O. Stop focusing on trying to reach an orgasm or getting your partner to reach an orgasm. Just enjoy the intimacy and pleasure that your partner is giving you, and trust me you’ll reach the O sooner than you think. Focus on how good you can make each other feel as opposed to reaching the “goal.”

Engage in a fantasy. Dig deep and talk about your dirtiest fantasies because not only is curiosity sexy, it sparks a lot of fire within your relationship when you put them into practice. Seeing your partner pleased will make you happy, and seeing their fantasies come to life will make your partner happy. A lot of people tend to keep these things to themselves out of fear of reprisal, but exploring them together will create an unimaginable bond born from a first experience.

SEXT. Sending a sexy text to your partner will turn him or her on and build anticipation, which is key to hot sex. You two will be excited all day, waiting for that moment that you can just pounce. And when you finally get that moment, you’ll literally be all over each other, incapable of getting enough.

Do something different. Change it up! Try out different positions, in different orders, or set rules (like hands only) to make things interesting. Patterns get boring and predictable, and who wants to be predictable in bed? Surprise your partner every now and then; they’ll love it.

Anytime of day, that’s what I say. Sex shouldn’t only be reserved as something to do at night, especially because that’s when you’re most tired. Sex is a delightful morning wake up call and randomly getting some at three in the afternoon can always get someone going. It adds spontaneity and lessens predictability.

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