Why MisterWives is the Next Big Thing


full Whether you caught them killing their set at Juice Jam last semester, jammed to their infectious hit “Reflections,” or have heard their song “Vagabond” on the MTV hit Finding Carter, Misterwives is a name you’re going to be hearing a lot in the future. This indie-pop sensation is a couple months removed from their debut album, Our Own House, and are currently on tour. It's definitely safe to say that MisterWives is primed for blowing up the music scene, thanks to their refreshing sound and their larger than life lead singer Mandy Lee Duffy.

This New York-based band gained a lot of mainstream attention in the past year and a half thanks to performances on shows like Late Night with Seth Meyers and Good Morning America. I’ve been listening to their album religiously for the past couple of weeks and it still hasn’t gotten old. Their album Our Own House works so well because it has such an uplifting and inspiring tone, which is thematically and sonically cohesive. Their album addresses different topics, from knocking society’s sexist norms in the song “Not Your Way,” to falling in love with “Oceans” and “Imagination Infatuation,” to staying true to yourself in “Queens.” The album’s title represents their family-like dynamic and their ability to invite others into their musical “house.” The treehouse on the album cover complete with colorful animals escaping from windows works as the perfect picture to capture all that they are.

MisterWives should be praised for the unbeatable energy they’re bringing to the musical world. With ultra-catchy choruses, bold vocal runs, and genius musical parts, MisterWives has proved they’re a force to be reckoned with. In a world where auto tune is relied on far too much, MisterWives should be commended on taking a very natural approach to their recording process, allowing them to deliver a true-to-recording experience when they perform their songs live.

Here are the top five essential MisterWives songs:

"Our Own House"




"Imagination Infatuation"






Photo by Jacob Pirogovsky

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