Why You Should Give a Shit About Being "Social Media" Famous


https://instagram.com/p/9P1jRCnGqd/ Times are changing, kids. We no longer live in a decade when becoming famous means you have to move to LA, get a shitty job waiting tables and hope that a director likes your head shot. We live in 2015 which means we don’t have to wait for someone to give us our big break, we can go out and get it ourselves.

Social media platforms allow people to literally become famous by sitting in their rooms posting things online. Fuck Jerry, Girl With No Job, the blonde salad and many others have become famous by doing just that.

These social media accounts are helping shift society’s view on the concept of becoming famous. To be honest, we should all be paying attention to these social media kings and queens because they have and will continue to play a major role in our lives. When we see social media superstars post a certain way, we follow the trend (still not a fan of the Kylie Jenner seductive selfie face, everyone please stop). An entire friend group’s jokes can literally be based off of funny shit they tag each other in on Instagram. Even if you don’t follow these accounts, you still find yourself stumbling across their pages and laughing.

These accounts have millions of loyal fans, who would gladly sacrifice their roommate’s new kitten to Satan if it ever meant they would get a chance to meet them. When the the likes and follows rolled in, they were able to expand their online presence to other social media sites and gain an even bigger following. They have mastered the art of social media, unlike that girl in your MAT 122 recitation who takes 45 minutes to edit a shitty picture on Afterlight.

The Fat Jew is a flawless example of a social media superstar. They started off on Instagram, posting dumb and hilarious pictures. Everyone started throwing them because they were able to pretty much do whatever they wanted due to their successes. Now you can see them hanging out half naked with Nicole Richie, casually starring in music videos and promoting their bottle of wine in the photo. To think that this all started from them probably sitting on the toilet posting Instagrams of cat memes makes me both excited and worried for our generation.

As millennials, social media is second nature to us. We are “Screenagers” because we are constantly looking at our phones. It is important to look past all the selfies that our friends post and pay attention to these social media success stories. With every new post, they are shaping our society.

Social media allows people to express themselves and show the world who they are (okay, who they want people to think they are). If you have social media accounts, you are essentially half way there to being a social media celeb. Now all you have to do is start posting Drake memes because who knows, you may be the next social media success story.

On that note, help me on my journey to stardom. Throw ya girl a follow on Instagram @og_abigail, I wouldn’t mind the extra likes.

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