20 Things To Be Thankful For This Thanksgiving


11_17_realtalk It’s official: Thanksgiving is only a a little over a week away and it’s time for some serious reflecting. As the lovely holiday approaches, most of us find ourselves in an emotional state of confusion. We’re super pumped to be going home and catching up with our 13-year-old dog that quite frankly is going to die any day now, but we’re equally bummed that the semester is essentially over. (I really hope that dog comment doesn’t come back to bite me in the ass. Aja, if you die before I come home that is seriously so bitchy of you.)

I like to think Thanksgiving is a reflection of this emotional turmoil we feel. Of course, there are plenty of things we’re certainly not thankful for — you know, like homelessness, poverty, or Destiny USA mall to name a few big ones. On the other hand, there are a lot of things about what we call “life” that aren’t so bad.

Here are 2o things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, in descending order based on relativity and importance.

20. Ben Affleck’s butt chin.

19. The new Trader Joe's on Erie Blvd.

18. Alcohol in all its forms.

17. Tully’s Tenders.

16. Puppies wearing sunglasses.

15. Nick Jonas’ recently leaked sex scenes from the new TV show Kingdom.

14. The feeling you get after you finally sneeze.

13. Anything with cheese on it.

12. That you’re not a turkey. Think about it.

11. That Twilight isn’t cool anymore.

10. Syracuse University's Health Service Center... not.

9. Getting hit on by Gertis regularly on Marshall Street.

8. Waking up in your own bed, in pajamas, with your phone, keys, and ID next to you after blacking out the night before.

7. Free coffee at Schine after your fifth swipe.

6. The death of Photobooth photos.

5. Babies (but only the cute ones who never cry).

4. That you’ll never have to be in middle school, ever again.

3. That you’ll never have to physically step foot in your middle school, ever again.

2. That you’ll never have to look like you did in middle school, ever again.

1. Family and friends.

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