21 Reasons SU Seniors Don't Want to Graduate


Chipotle_MAIN 1. Always having a reason to party.

2. Always having someone to party with.

3. The parties.

4. Chuck's.

5. The bar that's formerly Lucy’s (and refusing to call it anything but Lucy’s).

6. Buying Dunkin Donuts everyday with “fake money,” aka your SU ID.

7. Being able to walk to Chipotle whenever.

8. Having all of your favorite college friends within walking distance.

9. That excessive excitement when it finally gets warm out.

10. Not having to pay for a membership at a gym as nice as Ernie or Archbold.

11. Tailgating basketball and football games on the reg.

12. Frat parties.

13. Being able to walk to Chipotle whenever.

14. Being not held socially accountable for any of your actions.

15. Being able to say that you literally cheer for a citrus fruit as a mascot.

16. Wearing less of the obnoxious color orange is just going to feel wrong.

17. GrubHub has become the significant other you didn’t know you needed.

18. The yelling religious man on Waverly oddly makes you feel at home.

19. There’s a liquor store RIGHT NEXT to the grocery store.

20. The complete absence of adults is pretty sick.

21. Being able to walk to Chipotle whenever.

Photo by Adham Elsharkawi