4 Reasons Why Zayn Malik is the Ginger Spice of One Direction


bye Before the time of One Direction there was a super group who changed the face of music and kicked music group ass. No, I am not talking about NSYNC, Boyz II Men, Backstreet Boys, or even Fifth Harmony — I am talking about the Spice Girls. Though their true talent may be questionable, they were full of life and, mostly importantly, were relatable. Playing the roles of Scary, Sporty, Baby, Posh, and Ginger, these women captivated audiences with their accents and lively, borderline inappropriate behavior.

Years later, One Direction was brought by together by a man who had told the Spice Girls “no” before making their big break — Simon Cowell. Similar to the Spice Girls, they're British babes who took the music industry by storm. One Direction filled the gap of the British über-pop group who fans lust over that had once been filled by The Beatles, Spice Girls, and so on. Though they did not take on character roles such as the Spice Girls, I think it is obvious who would be who. And most importantly, Zayn is Ginger (Geri Halliwell).

So why is Zayn essentially Ginger? Well…

1. They’re both from Europe. aka they’re essentially the same person, right? (As a person whose father is an English immigrant, I’m allowed to say this.)


2. They both provided the sex appeal of the group. Everyone has their favorites, but there is no denying that Zayn’s chiseled face, body, hair, and mysteriousy “personality” and captivated audiences just like Geri’s form-fitting outfits, flirty attitude, and wonder-bra.

pic 1

3. They both have hair to die for. Zayn’s hair not only defies gravity and serves Uncle Jesse from Full House vibes, but has evolved to countless styles that will fondly be remembered. Geri’s hair too defies gravity, but it is the sheer color that makes people gasp in awe and question “Maybe she’s born with it?”


4. They quit. Leading to demise of their respective groups. Okay, okay, One Direction might still be in a “group,” but it is not long until Harry records a cover of “Downtown” by Petula Clark. cc: Emma Bunton’s (Baby Spice) oddly sexualized flop:


So there you have it. Though you might feel for the group, just remember Ginger Spice still cannot sleep at night knowing that she turned away from potential WORLD DOMINATION.