5 Spring Break Tips for the Procrastinator


OtfYWC_N8Lh4iFqwfsGTx_fbkpm5etbMzAMrPLap_aY College students procrastinate on literally everything: homework, papers, projects, laundry, and even feeding and hydrating ourselves. So, what’s to stop us from procrastinating on our spring break plans?

If you’re not yet committed to a getaway in Malibu or an excursion in the Ande and are going back home for the week, don't worry — Jerk has you covered. Here are some tips to have a bangin' spring break, even if it’s impromptu.

1. Find your squad. Whether it’s your new crew from SU or your ride-or-dies from high school, it’s essential to hang out with someone besides your parents over spring break. Of course Mom and Dad are cool as fuck (just look at what they produced), but if you never manage to leave the well-stocked nest, you risk losing not only your hard earned alcohol tolerance, but also the ability to converse about anything other than what Anderson Cooper said last night.

2. Eat everything in sight. Since you're not guzzling margaritas through a funnel with everyone in Palm Beach, why not just really go for it? When Mom goes to the grocery store, just tag along and make sure she buys enough danishes and bacon to last two spring breaks.

3. Burn it up at the beach. If you want to roll out like the babes from Spring Breakers (minus ghetto fab James Franco), or snap some poetic pictures for Instagram, the beach is the perfect place to do so. If you live somewhere that is even slightly less tundra-y than Syracuse, there is no reason to not slap on 10 lbs. of baby oil and hit the sand.

4. Go to a concert. We all have that one friend who’s really good at guitar or one who’s down for any concert, so show a local band some love or make some time to catch these hot chart-toppers on tour.

5. Above all else, make the most of spring break. Although the trap of pizza and Netflix is a glorious place to be, don't get too sucked in. Save that for finals week. Even though we only get a handful of days off from the academic grind, we should take the time to relax and enjoy our homes away from our new home.

Art by Shawna Rabbas