Your Guide to Aphrodisiacs in the Syracuse Area


Design by Jena Salvatore Sex and food are two of everyone’s favorite things… but what about sexy food? Aphrodisiacs are foods that supposedly have mystical sex powers and can make you and your significant other horny AF. So, why not give what Syracuse has to offer a try:

Ginger: Never again will you throw away the wasabi and ginger that comes with your plate of sushi again. Stop by Bleu Monkey or the new conveyor belt sushi place, Sakanaya, and order some sushi to go, so you can eat that sliver of ginger they gave and spend the rest of the night getting it rawer than that raw seafood.

Coffee: Now it all makes sense why you feel so turned on in your econ class! Coffee is an aphrodisiac that is said to be a stimulant that can put people in the mood for sexy time. Grab your date his/her favorite latte from Dunkin Donuts or Kubal to guarantee that your casual coffee date ends with the two of you in bed. Also get one of those red velvet cookies, because what’s sexier than that.

Olive Oil: Head over to Pastabilities because for one thing, who wouldn’t want to go on a date there? Start the night right by drizzling tons of olive oil onto your complimentary bread to ensure maximum genital wetness.

Avocado: Go to Chipotle and stock up on the extra guacamole, it’ll be worth it when that flatulence from your burrito bowl subsides and you’re moaning the night away. If you really want to impress, go to Alto Cinco for an extra fancy and slightly more authentic quesadilla or burrito (remember, don’t pass up on the guacamole). On a budget? No problem, head over to Queso’s at Kimmel or in so that you can fulfill your fantasy of hooking up in a classroom.

Cheese: What is hotter than a good ol’ block of savory cheese? Cheese is said to resemble the scent of a woman, which might not be something you want to tell your lady lover but is a turn-on nonetheless. Make that trip to Destiny and get a slice of cheesecake to go, so you can eat it in bed…

Chocolate: Chocolate turns you on? Go to Insomnia Cookies and devour an entire chocolate cookie cake; the mess you make will be a definite turn on. Plus a stomach full of cookie is perfect for post-sex cuddling.

Nothing’s more sensual than food, so eat on, and feel sexy while doing it.