How to Channel Your Inner Kardashian



My recent guilty obsession has been Kylie Jenner’s Snapchat stories. Add her @kylizzlemynizzl and your life will be changed forever — they are goddam hilarious. It’s kind of like campus stories, but a Keeping Up With the Kardashians version. Kylie posts a few stories a day, detailing her jet-setter lifestyle, beloved dogs, close ups of Kendall’s body, and more. Her Snapchat stories also shed light on how the Kardashians and Jenners keep up with their own lifestyle, and what they do when they are off camera.

Many girls want to be just like them — Kylie’s lips have been the hot topic for the longest time, and young girls are starting to invest in makeup products that claim to recreate Kylie’s lips.

Same goes for the Kardashian-Jenner Klan’s diverse styles — every member of the overexposed family has a distinct look. If you are secretly (or not so secretly) a Kardashian/Jenner wannabe, here are some pointers on how you too can look like a member of the klan.

1. Try to wear as little as possible. Just be as revealing as possible — after all, what’s a Kardashian outfit without showing some, I mean, a lot, of skin? Definitely don’t wear bras, they are too restricting and you need to have your boobies hanging out in order to pull off the sex appeal. #Kardashian101. Extreme slit skirts, mesh material tops, and see through ANYTHING are also essential to pulling of the look. When showing skin though, don’t forget your fake tanner and bronzer to contour the shit out of your whole body.


2. Remember, there is a fine line between trashy and classy... and the Kardashians have no issue remaining in the gray area between the two. When it comes to footwear, the Kardashians seriously have it all ­– just look at that fucking closet.


3. No matter the shoe, they must be stripper heel length, have a pop of color, straps, or cutouts to be deemed Dash-ing enough. The Kardashians will basically invest in any heel that is higher than six inches, and they will wear them at all times. Even when pregnant and/or pumping gas.


4. Most important to your look is FUR. The Kardashians cannot live without fur. They don’t care if it’s summer or spring, they will still sport fur accessories or shoes. How else can they show off how much money they have? Fur on fur on fur is the motto and fur will always be their favorite statement piece. Even North loves fur.

Kim Kardashian walks North West out of their apartment in NYC

5. Last but not least, the Kardashians love themselves some monochromatic ensembles. The majority of their outfits are either all black or all white, as they like the clean sleekness that they exude. The high fashion sophistication that monochromatic pieces bring out also makes the Kardashians stand out among crowds of basics.


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