What's Up, Student Association?


SA_main As you may or probably do not know, here at Syracuse University we have an organization called Student Association (aka SA). It was founded in August 1944 with the purpose of serving the various students of SU (and ESF, you are not forgotten). Each SU and SUNY-ESF college is represented in the assembly, though the number of representatives varies. It has three branches of government: executive, legislative, and judicial. Exactly like our national one, maybe less corrupt.

SA is responsible for bringing activities such as the Chat & Dine series in which students can have free lunch with their professors. Where #YourStudentFee actually goes is finally revealed! In a video clip on the SA website, president Boris Gresely says that he wants students to understand that the org is “an advocacy group, but also lobbying group that pushes for student’s interests through the administration.” Very legit.

With the big elections coming up next month, I tried to get the skinny from a College of Arts and Sciences representative, Tracey Ford. As a member of the academic affairs committee, part of Tracey’s responsibilities are to work on initiatives that “aim to improve student’s academic experiences” here at SU. Well, there was obviously a lot that changed our academic experiences last semester. (If you missed it, just search the hashtags #SaveCuse and #FuckKent.)

But in regards to SA, there were many positive things. For example, there were some heat lamps installed in South Campus bus stops, so we don't have to freeze our assess off ever again. This semester, your favorite student leaders are trying to convince administrators and professors to make syllabi public before registration. So that way you can avoid that religion class you thought was going to be an easy A.

As far as juicy information on potential candidates, no luck, as my source Tracey knows nothing as well (what is this, the CIA?). So it seems we’ll have to wait until Feb. 21 to hear from the candidates and their platforms. Don't get too anxious.

And if you’re interested in running for SA president or vice president, there is still time to petition for the position. USA! USA!

Photo by Adham Elsharkawi

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